Happy July 1st!

hey everyone happy july 1st how are you guys enjoying your summer? has it been fun so far? tell me about your plans.. and how long is everyone getting off school lol I still have to go school til the july 20th and I only get 6 weeks of summer break :(

Answer #1

I’m loving summer I’m 16 tomorrow :] I’m going to a near by beach for a couple days and then hopefully another beach with a friend at the end of the month I was done with school on June 5th.

Answer #2

lol well when I eventually get my summer break im gunna be going to portugal yay! and I was wondering why it said like 6am too haha its like 3pm here!

Answer #3

I got out of school for the summer June 5th! And I’m a senior next year. =] Im excited. It has been good so far and will be even better when I hang with my bff this weekend and go to a demolition derby! Woo! Hot Guys! Lol.

Man that really sucks you have school fo rthat long!? Jeesh, I feel grateful. Lol. Well I hope you have a good break when you get out of there! Lol. =]

Answer #4

:[ that sucks bout going to school that long! I haev till after labor day! :] YAY! july first that means its like officially sumer [at least in my book] yay no plans here just gonan relax at home..go swimming hte usula! lol u?

Answer #5

happy july 1st everyone!! damn your still in school I graduated from high school on june 8th

hope everyone has a good july and future ahead of them :)

Answer #6

It’s 9:30 am here!

Answer #7

YEAH IT’S CANADA DAY!!! :D lol… sadly I’m working today at wonderland a little later on… and since its canada day… I’ll have to work over time!! but at least I’ll be watching fireworks with my boyfriend =) and wow??? you still have school?… that really sucks!! I was done right after my exam… which was like on june 12th :P then I came back on the 20th to get my results and I was done!! lol… and no school till sept 4th!! (I think)… tho I might start summer school 2mrrw… to fast track math :P anyhoo… I hope the long school year isn’t that rough on you… and I hope that your 6 weeks of summer goes out sweet =]

Answer #8

it says that because the time is supposedd to b the time it is where the person who sent the question is. so if its 6:30 to her and 9:30 to u, it’ll say 6:30 on ure answer. =]

Answer #9

I have a question.. why does the time say 6am when its 9am here?

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