FunAdvice Christmas Countdown (24 days) - December 1st, 2011

The final days towards Christmas have officially started. Make sure you’re ready to meet the holidays head on with some help from our wide selection of Christmas tutorials:

How to start a holiday tradition

How to keep your cat out of your Christmas tree

How to have a traditional Canadian Christmas

How to celebrate Hanukkah

How to avoid the Christmas shopping rush

How to shop holiday sales

How to buy a present for that difficult person

How to disguise presents so that nobody knows what they are

How to find the perfect gift for a geek

How to buy a gift for your girlfriend/wife

How to make Christmas affordable

How to host a Christmas dinner

How to bake a Christmas ham

How to make a traditional Christmas fruitcake

How to make candy canes

How to make a gingerbread house

How to spend less time in the kitchen on Christmas day

How to make Walnut Christmas Balls

How to get off of Santa’s Naughty List

How to wow your friends with an original Christmas tree

How to decorate your Christmas tree efficiently and effectively

How to celebrate Xmas

How to have a safe and happy holiday season

How to help the needy at Christmas

How to receive help for Christmas for low income families

How to cope with post holiday depression

How to prepare for Christmas

How to prepare your guestroom for holiday guests

How to fill a Christmas stocking

How to make a wreath

How To Wrap a Christmas Present

How to Make Your Own Christmas Wrapping

How to Make Your Own Santa Clause Costume

How to Decorate Your House For The Christmas Holidays

How to Create a Money Tree (Great Holiday Gift)

How to deal with holiday debt

How to survive the staff Christmas party

How to save money at Christmas

How to get your child to sleep on Christmas Eve

How To Prevent Kids From Peeking at Presents

How to make your own ornaments

How to tell children the truth about Santa Clause

Answer #1

ooooooo if only i was 10 again….. i just like the time off work with my family lol. and i still need a tree :/

Answer #2

Can’t wait ! (: I got my calander ; you open up the day it is & get a treat # still young

Answer #3

enjoy it while you can :)

Answer #4

I used to love those chocolate countdown calenders.. although they never worked, I’d “countdown” the 25 days on the first day :D

Answer #5

This is fabulous, lol.

Answer #6

I’d be all over this….if only we celebrated Christmas. :P My family doesn’t celebrate anything that isn’t centered around the creation of Vodka.

Answer #7

@o@ too bad i aint a kid anymore, now its more like: oh man, my time is limited! D:

Answer #8

:L YOU DID THAT ALSO? :D I did too :o I would eat like 3 or 4 each day XD

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