What is going to happen because they can't get the reactors to cool down in Japan?

Answer #1

they could explode and destroy all of the people in the surrounding area.

Answer #2

What about long term effects? Like who all with be affect?

Answer #3

It will be Hiroshima all over again but i believe it will have twice the amount of damage and the radiation will be rampant. Probably will not be able to go back there for years.

Answer #4

they will explode and nuclear radiation will spread for at least 300KM, (possibly more depending on winds) The people who are close will probably die quickly, those further out will get radiation poisoning that will cause tons of health issues from cancer, heart and liver disease, birth defects etc. The radiation will get into the ground and the water and will cause the fish and food there to be unsafe, It will kill the trees and animals, it may drift to other countries causing radiation poisoning and health problems etc. It takes 40 years or something like that before it will be safe to go back to the area.

Answer #5

The radiation will eventually reach the USA West Coast. There won’t be immediate effects on the USA but in a few years you will see the markers by the increase of birth defects and cancers.

Answer #6

They are trying the best they can. They already secure the area in radius of 30kms, which is scaring the people and the whole countries. The effect will be more or like the Cernobil’s explosion.

Answer #7

make’s u think countries who are situated on or near the ring of fire DONT BUILD Neuclear Power plants…coz u can see wht happens ….

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