Is life getting more stressful then it was or is this what happens as you age?

I remember 10 years ago, life was not hard, and now I feel like I am pushed and pull from the pressures of life on a daily basis. What gives!!!

Answer #1

I think life gets u stressed, the older you get it seems the more probs u have, I don’t know why but it seems that way for me

Answer #2

Yes, I miss when I was a kid the biggest problem I had was being told what to do, hey now I am told what to do all the time or else. lol

Answer #3

Ain’t that the truth lol

Answer #4

I think you just need to take more “you” time.

Maybe its time to reassess your life. Can you drop a few unnecessary responsibilities? Can you lighten your work load a bit?I think you need to take more time to engage in some things you enjoy.

Answer #5

Those are very good ides to try, thx

Answer #6

It does get tougher as you get older because you take on more responsibilities. Heck, as a kid I didn’t have to do anything besides homework and eat the food my mother gave me along with sleeping. That was it, but in a few years I’m gonna have to move out, hopefully, get a job and find a way to pay for college so I can get the degree I want.

It does get hard, but the reality is that the work is consistent with the reward when it comes to life issues. You get the stress of teaching your child the basics of life, the reward, you see them grow up and accomplish things. You get the stress of having to work long hours, the reward, you can provide for your family and have them live happily. It all pays back to you somehow, no work goes unnoticed as far as I’m concerned :)

Answer #7

Well said, and you did capture a bit of adult life, well a responsible adults life, but this does not capture the pop-up crap you have every day.

Answer #8

well as i get older everything seems to be getting harder and more complicated i think life hates old people jk

Answer #9

i am more stressed as i get older,

Answer #10

Yes, like today we had to put a person on probation, and we gave her time off to this if she would like to work for us or not. I don’t like nor do I want to do this, this is the stuff you have to deal with as you age.

Answer #11

I will assume that 10 years ago you graduated kindergarden and no longer have that coveted nap time. Yeah, life gets hard.

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