Would you still come on FunAdvice if certain features were to be removed?

Let’s be specific … how would you feel is these features were no longer available?: Status Updates Board Interests Links HowTos Mature Content Section (meaning, make this a globally clean site) Points & Leaderboard

Answer #1

I like the status updates, just because it keeps the question site clean of some of the social stuff, I think it’s good that members of the site can interact away fro just asking and answering questions. I would mind if the leaderboard or points went or interests actually. Maybe the over 18s need a separate section though, if its kept clean.

Answer #2

I wouldn’t actually make a section that only the 18+ members can access. People under 18 may also feel the need to ask adult questions sometimes. I think that the “you don’t see it unless you klick there on purpose” solution is good. You don’t see smut unless you want to see smut - and you are even being warned about the smut in advance.

Answer #3

Status board: keep it. The others, i wouldnt really mind.. :p

Answer #4

Keep status. keep HowTo. Keep mature section. keep points and leadership.

Answer #5

Important to me: 1.Status Update board. 2.Points and leaderboard.

Not important to me but I think are needed: 1.How tos 2.Mature Content section.

I could care less for: 1.Links 2.Interest.

If the Update board is removed I would probably not visit the site. :o

Answer #6

Agree 110%, I couldn’t have put it better but I will add I don’t think anything could keep me from comeing on the site

Answer #7

As you know I like to keep things simple as in use what works and is user friendly and heck with everything else.

I would just like to “know” through an alert if someone comments or responds to a question / answer that I typed without having to “look’ and look for it and see because sometimes I forget and the person may think I’m blowing them off or being rude when I have no intention of ever being that way.

The rest, is of no real importance to me. I trust and respect your judgement and the reasons you see fit to make changes. :) :)

Answer #8

Status Updates Board - i like it but there’s the updates section and “everything else” Interests - meh not really bothered about that Links - again not really bothered HowTos - don’t like ‘em Mature Content Section (meaning, make this a globally clean site) - keep, it’s really good if people are asking awkward questions Points & Leaderboard - might be fun to keep it

Answer #9

If all those features were removed what would this site even consist of..?

Answer #10

Status Updates Board: I am all for getting rid of the status updates, but most people seem to like them…

Interests: I think this should be retained.

Links: I have no opinion regarding this.

HowTos: These are okay, but I have no real opinion.

Mature Content Section: I see no need for the mature section.

Points system: Scrap it!

Answer #11

Status Updates Board…I dont care about this….. Interests…why,what when do they matter?….. Links….yeah works for me x3 in a few years of site use…. HowTos…never really been there……. Mature Content Section (meaning, make this a globally clean site)…have found immature stuff,dont think it works…… Points & Leaderboard…..pointless vanity led sadness.

Answer #12

  If FunAdvice were to remove:   (a) Status Updates Board: I would probably lose interest, and rarely logon. There are simply not enough interesting questions posted on the main question board;   (b) Interests: get rid of them as far as I am concerned. They are more trouble than they are worth, and only flood the status update board with long lists of automatically generated messages if someone decided to tick a cartload of “interests”. Personally, I don’t really care to see a list of other peoples interests anyway;   (c) Links: I scarcely ever look at them, though when I have, I eventually find something worth seeing (if I persevered long enough), not really worth keeping for me;   (d)HowTos: I never look at them except by mistake when I look at an attached photograph in the Photos section, with an intention of commenting on it. You could get rid of them for me, though I think that would be soul destroying for people (like yourself) who have invested a lot of time and effort in producing them. On balance, keep them - they are doing no harm;

(e) Mature Content Section (meaning, make this a globally clean site): If this was no longer available to retain the: questions; status updates; answers; and comments; which fail to meet the ludicrously inept “child-safe” filtering and farcical “decency” standards, the site would probably make itself redundant for all a few children who are too young to meet the minimum age requirement anyway.   (e) Points & Leaderboard: get rid of them (as soon as possible). It is totally pointless (pun intended). It is only used as a sycophantic method of sucking up to people and at times shows total disrespect to those who post useful advice without ever getting on the “Leaderboard”. I recently noted that a user whose account appeared to have been disabled, and who had not even been on the boards for a week or more, suddenly appeared on the top of the Leaderboard and gradually moved up to something in the order of 1000 points “earned in the last 48 hours” without even having logged on in the previous two days! Frankly, that is a joke and nothing more than an insult to active users;

Answer #13

This site would consist of very few questions.. and profiles for people that do nothing.. D: Boring.. We do need features to keep us busy when questions aren’t asked. Can you imagine what we’d do.. just sit and wait for questions.. sit and wait.

Answer #14

I agree.

Answer #15

Don’t worry … we have some features coming up that I think will surprise you.

Answer #16

I am worried >.> and cool :D

Answer #17

NOO not HOWTO’S!!!

Answer #18

Some sort of status update/forum should remain in place, the introduction of which meant that the site has evolved into a part social one too, it seems reasonable and logical to keep it. I think a mature section is probably needed.

I agree with Estragon (whose old name was better!) the whole leaderboad and points thing is an exercise in sycophancy - it can go.

I don’t really see the need for interests - I don’t use and rarely look at How To’s and links and tips - so hold no opinion.

Answer #19

Just so you guys are aware - even though I posted those features, it doesn’t mean we plan to get rid of them … we’re just feeling out how important certain features are so we can look at how we can make them better.

Answer #20

How about a block button, got a message from Erickson says he’s super busy.

Answer #21

Because he’s super busy dealing with other things - I already told you that, Nap … get off the block button already.

Answer #22

Fine :/

Answer #23


Answer #24

I wouldn’t really care if most of those features were gone as long as there is funmail :)

Answer #25

Status Updates Board - Keep. This is the only way I really communicate with the people on here. Interests - Don’t really care what happens to it, kind of pointless, bombards the updates. Links - Never really payed attention to it. Wouldn’t bother me if it where gone nor if it were still here. HowTos - KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP Mature Content Section (meaning, make this a globally clean site) - Keep. Certain things need to be separated from regular every day posts. Points & Leaderboard - Kind of fun but unnecessary.

Answer #26

Keep those all except links! this site would be boring w/out them :oo! why would u wanna remove those?

Answer #27

Status Updates Board Mature Content Section (meaning, make this a globally clean site) Points & Leaderboard. As long as you dont get rid of these because there some of the main reasons i like funadvice

Answer #28

I think the leader board is just a waste of space. Just useless. Doesn’t really mean anything if someone is on it..

Answer #29

Status Updates Board - I wouldn’t come on if this was removed. I think it’s important to interact & get to know eachother. It makes me feel comfortable around everyone else. If it was removed, i would only come on when i needed advice or ask questions like any other Q&A site.

Interests - I think they are annoying. They blow up the status board & nobody really looks at them when they go to profiles anyways(well, at least i don’t.)

Links - don’t care for them…

HowTos - They are useful, but i don’t really take the time to read them.

Mature Content Section (meaning, make this a globally clean site) - Keep, it’s good to have a place to ask adult questions. Especially so the 13-14 year olds don’t have to see those types of questions unless they want to. Some are more conservative than others.

Points & Leaderboard - It doesn’t really matter to me. It’s kinda fun, but some people take it way too seriously.

Answer #30

With status updates, we could just make it so that you can leave messages on people’s profiles like we used to..? Status updates remind me of tweets and Facebook :/.

Answer #31

Colleen, my biggest turn off to this site is due greatly in part to the updates page. I think funadvice’s most powerful tool might be How Tos. It’s nice to get advice from people you trust (relatively). I would also like to see more links used not on a ‘link’ page, but just all around for easier access. If your going to have a links page and photo/video page, you might as well have a file sharing page.

Answer #32

The point-flood to a certain account was probably from other accounts giving them points. Maybe if they know each other in real life. Maybe someone is closing their account and gives all the points to a friend.

Answer #33

HowTos and the mature section are the only things on that list I even think are worth keeping. Getting rid of them wouldn’t stop me from coming on here, but I think they’re mostly positive to the site, whereas I find the other things less useful.

Answer #34

i think they need to simply rewind to what this site was 5 years ago, i believe that the soul of this site was lost with all of the new features.

back in the day i actually enjoyed being on this site and made a few close friends- the past 4 years- not so much- questions have either been asked a million times or are simply boring.

maybe it is just me growing past this site, not sure, but i haven’t really been drawn here like 5 years ago.

the mature section is usually good for a laugh or two- so i would keep that. ditch the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and ‘MOST’ of the word filters- two of the main influences that caused this site to be less fun.

Answer #35

Why mess with a good thing…LOL :)

Answer #36

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Here are my thoughts, if you still care (pretty much an expansion of TwiddleMuffin’s list):

Status Updates Board - A core feature of FA. Don’t scrap it unless you want a complete overhaul of the site’s use and active membership.

Interests - Seems nearly unanimous that we don’t care about this.

Links - Do you mean the “Recommendations” section? I didn’t even know it existed until I went hunting around just now to see what links you were talking about. I like the idea, but I doubt I’ll go there very often to see what’s been posted. So no strong opinion. But I do want to put in a plug here for restoring active links in updates. I don’t care if they’re masked or not. Cut and paste is soo 20th-century.

HowTos - As with Recommendations, I like the idea but almost never go there, so no strong opinion.

Mature Content Section (meaning, make this a globally clean site) - Wrong question. How useful an advice site can FA really be if one can’t ask about sensitive topics? Especially for young people, to whom some of these realities are new and uncharted territory! What needs to go, rather, is the word filter (censor). I’ve lost long (and, IMHO, good) answers because I mentioned anti-depressive drvgs or the like. Inappropriate messages (pr0n, mostly) should be policed by flagging and deletion, like spam. Give your hand-picked “advisors” the power to do that, so it’s not all on you. Or at the very least, restore the prior system, where a contributor is warned about a word-violation without losing all her work. Then we can all go back to circumventing the censor by creative spelling.

Points & Leaderboard - As things are now, it’s senseless and should go. But I think it would be better to restore some meaning (not cash) to the points system so they again become a real incentive to participate in whatever ways you (the Admin team) want to encourage.

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