Pass cocaine drug test?

What household product can I use to pass a cocaine drug test

Answer #1

I don’t think there is anything to get coke out of your system. And everyone else needs to calm down. If you don’t like drugs, that wasn’t the question so no one cares sooo shut the hell up.

Answer #2

stop using, find out what made you start using in the first place,because obviously you must have been uncomfortable with yourself to start using.

Answer #3

Goodluckmisery.. I don’t even understand what you typed. I don’t speak retard. Clearly, you need to smoke a blunt.

Answer #4

This is not a house hold product but I think it works from what I tried it was the best. its called Common sense yea it helps me not to do dumb shyt like using cocain and I’ve passed all the test.!!u should try it

Answer #5

Oh please! If you decided to do drugs, you should have to pay the price. Maybe it’ll teach you a lesson…

Answer #6

your body doesnt work that way. you cant just eat or drink something that gets rid of all the damadge and side affects that cocain or any other stupid drug causes. theres nothing you can really do to pass the test. but perhaps you should think about drugs in general. do you want to go down that road and waste your life, or do you want to give them up and start living. its your choice

Answer #7

clearly your an idiot !

Answer #8

Agree with the other posts. Just stop the drug abuse!

Answer #9

Why don’t you just stop using cocaine? Maybe then you would pass..

Answer #10

You do the crime you do the time. Nothing is going to make it not show up.

Answer #11

aettam you need to shut up because don’t when you ask stupidquestions then you get mean answerz. drugs are for people that have no real lives.

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