Ghosts,cryptids,and the unexplained.

Do you believe in ghosts && the unexplained?
how about cryptids(big foot,loch ness,cupacabra ,etc)
I dont konw, this might turn into a debate.
I think thats how most of my questions turn into.

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I think things like that can exsit but I really dont know about Bigfoot but I think I believe in Life after death and Loch ness sea monsters..Because you may never know!!

HAHA!! I know I sound weird!! LOL!

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~ Bigfoot is cool :) I play him in the sims all the timeee
~but for real I do balieve in him! lotsa people said they saw him sooo
~ I do believe in ghosts. I think it would be so cool to stay in one of those haunted houses or hotels overnight. there is so much evidence of ghosts that I think it would be borederline crazy to think they dont exist.
~ who knows about monsters?

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I think they're are such things like that somewhere out there in the world,maybe.

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