Why do people have a problem with homosexuals getting married?

No religion shall be imposed by government. So it shouldn’t have anything to do with the bible or Christianity. I hear “it would destroy the sanity if marriage”. Explain that one to me. If a man and a man get married I can say that it wouldn’t in any way effect my marriage to my wife. If all it takes for your marriage to “loose its sanity” is someone else to get married you have other problems. Look we have a 50% divorce rate so wouldn’t that destroy the “sanity”?
I hear “well its an abomination”…ok moving on I hear “they choose to be gay” you will notice that the people that say that are not gay. If your not gay then wouldn’t you have better perception of it if you asked a gay person? I mean that’s like saying someone chooses to be black, white, asian, ect. So please explain why people have a problem with gay marriage.

Answer #1

I often see people using the Bible as their reasons for being against it, which is a poor reason. Afterall, religion was used to support all sorts of injustices and atrocities in the past.

Answer #2

nicely put flossheal… if only other people were as reasonable…

it’s funny how the same people who expect religious tolerance have no respect for other people…

Answer #3

Because God created blahbity blahbity blahhh…

Adam and Eve, not durr-di durr-di durrr…

NOT VALID. Read the question again.

Answer #4

If everyone was gay then there would be no more humans.

How exactly? You do know it’s possible to take sex cells from same-sex parents and produce viable offspring, right?

Answer #5

Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. If everyone was gay then there would be no more humans. Do you really want to end humanity just for a dumb little thing like “gay marriage”?

Answer #6

I am totally for gay marriage! I mean what does sex have anything ta do with it?! who cares if the couple is of the same sex?!?!

Answer #7

Sorry thanks

Answer #8

because theyre small minded, they simply dont understand what goes through someones minds who is either gay or lesbian. People should be accepted for what they are. marriage is about love, two people who love each other. why should gender even need to be thought about? As I’ve said before, the bible is somewhat responsible for this as christians are still beleiving that its a sin- when it isnt.

Answer #9

Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. If everyone was gay then there would be no more humans. Do you really want to end humanity just for a dumb little thing like “gay marriage”?

Ummm I don’t think that is going to happen soon. There are appromixately 6 billion people on this planet and we are over populated and I don’t everyone on this earth is gay. sigh… your reasoning doesn’t make sense.

I think people are scared of homosexually. Maybe they don’t understand love. It’s like racism sometimes.

Answer #10

lol, I was going to fix the spelling error when I realized you actually had the phrase wrong… it’s “lose the sanctity” I.e. lose it’s “holiness” or “sacredness”. Note both of those terms are religious terms. Why should religion interfere with people’s basic rights? Who knows…

It’s ridiculous, you find the people pushing hardest for anti gay legislation being outted all the time… Hypocrites…

And Mandy summed it up nicely, who on earth would choose to be discriminated against? Why would anyone choose to lose their family, their friends, sometimes even their lives?

Answer #11

I am BI oddly bet you didn’t know that…

People have problems because most people of the same sex do not wish to have a guy hit on them (if they are a guy) or reversed.

You are right. I know one person who’s cousin and himself got kicked out of a church because they where BI. (of which I am very good friends with)

I’d think that the divorce rate would effect it more than the bible condemning it.

Ok, lets clear this up: you don’t choose to be Bisexual or gay it is just how you are made. The BI’s and gay’s out there can’t help it and I bet that they would love to be straight but it isn’t in the card’s for this life.

I hope I helped you from a BI’s prespective…

Answer #12

well, with my religion and I think the bibile’s wrong, I really wonder about that sometimes. I happen to be straight, but I think that you can’t help who you fall in love with, and if you do fall in love with someone, you should be able to be with them no matter the sex. love is love and if everyone loves everyone why is it such a crime?? I think gays should marry, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

Answer #13

because they are not like them!!

Answer #14

Dude, it’s not “sanity,” it’s “sanctity.”

Answer #15

gay pride all the way.

Answer #16

Sorry thanks

Answer #17

Your ignorance really has no boundaries… how does gay marriage stop heterosexual marriage? What exactly are you scared of? Once gay people have rights they’ll go around and force everyone to turn gay? Heterosexuals have been trying for years to turn everyone straight, it hasnt worked… I doubt the reverse would work too well… unless this is simply a form of repression…

Answer #18

Because God created man and woman perfectly in his own image so that they can be intimate with eachother, and have kids.

Answer #19

I think people in general are not used to the fact that “gay” people are now coming out of the wood-works so to speak, trying to exercise their rights (what little rights they have). I think that in the future homosexual people will have equal rights just as any person of the US has. I think this because for example in the 1800’s blacks were slaves and then were later freed, blacks now have equal rights just as anyone else does. 50 years ago it would have be un-heard of to have a black president, well… times have changed! I think that time changes everything and the possibilities of homosexual’s having equal rights by law can possibly be in the future. I also think that even IF they are given equal rights some people will still frown upon it and what have you, because they will never see or want to see outside the box they have been raised in, but there is always going to be someone that dosen’t agree no matter what the situation. There will always be some discrimination no matter what.

Love is Love.

this may make abouslty no sense at all. but thats pretty much what I think while leaving the whole religious perspective out of it.

Answer #20

One solution I read years ago was to get government out of the marriage business.

Marriage is both a legal contract and a social/religious construct.

How about the government only deal with the legal and contractual aspects of unions and let churches, synagogues, mosques, etc. deal with the social/religious aspect.

The problem with the government endorsing or even promoting marrriage causes friction because the intermingling of the legal and religious aspects. If the social/religious aspect were outside of the government than people would not be offeded by the government supposedly promoting a lifestyle they disagree with.

So, the government should only recognise civil unions. Government would recognise this similar to the way businesses merge and become a single entity; purely from a legal point of view. Whether someone is married or not would be in other people’s hands. Members of one church would not have to recongise the marriage fo someone who goes to another institution but they would have to recognise their equal rights under the law.

Answer #21

People have problems with things they don’t understand - for example homosexuality. It’s funny that the bible talks about how a man should not lay in bed with another man - yet you can go back in time as far as you want and find homosexual behavious. Even animals show homosexual behavior, which is why I laugh when people say it’s a learnt behavior.

Marriage is supposed to be about love, period. There is no reason why a man/man or a woman/woman should not be able to share that experience as well.

When people say they chose to be gay is when I laugh the hardest. Who would choose such a life style. Who would choose to be hated, to be beaten, to be discriminated against, to have your rights taken away, etc. That’s ridiculous.

Answer #22

I think that the people who oppose gay marriage, fear homosexuals on some level. It’s almost like they think homosexuality is contagious!

I honestly strongly support the idea of same sex couples getting married- why shouldn’t they get the same legal recognition as married couples. I don’t think it destroys the sanctity of marriage, it supports it in the sense that people are getting married for love.

Furthermore, I think straight people do more damage to the idea of ‘the sanctity of marriage’- you only have to look at celeb couples (like Britney and K-Fed, Peaches Geldof and Max Drummey, etc) to see that marriage is no serious commitment anymore.

Answer #23

Oh goodie… another one…

From a federal standpoint, I think ALL forms of marriage should be referred to as ‘domestic partnerships’ …and should allow anyone: homosexual or heterosexual, to qualify for the same tax breaks. Reinforced by ‘’separation of church and state’’ …the term ‘marriage’ should no longer be used (in legal documentation), since is bears religious significance.

Also, there seems to be no valid reasons why homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry; aside from religious views, which have no legal relevance anyway (separation of church and state, remember?)

This issue has been brought up numerous times in the past month or two. Not once, has ANY person who is against it, been able to provide a single valid reason.

Answer #24

because if god wanted gay marrige he would have made Adam and Steve not Adam and Eve but he did make Adam and Eve so Gay marrige is wrong

Answer #25

I have personal beliefs about homosexuality and the sanctity of marriage which are informed by my faith. However, I don’t believe that governments either CAN or SHOULD legislate for the sexual morality of consenting adults.

I am quite positive about civil gay marriage because it rewards loving, faithful couples with the same legal rights as other loving, faithful couples. I’m not in favour of Christian gay marriage. As some others have pointed out, there is a logical difference between trying to impose the rules of our faith OUTSIDE that faith, and holding true to them INSIDE the faith.

I personally hope that this is the difference between homophobia and faithful Christianity, but it’s something I’m still trying to work out humbly and prayerfully - I’m not sure that my position now is the way my opinion is going to stay.

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