Fruits or vegetables

Which do you prefer for a diet, fruit diet or vegetable diet?

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When I was on a diet I remember eating a lot of Berrys and cucumbers ;p but thats just me which do you prefur?


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both. if your looking for an actual meal, try veggies. you could eat them as a salad with some grilled chicken, steamed veggies, grilled veggies, or raw veggies. I think fruit is more of a snack type. fruit salad is always yummy =)

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I love fruit and eat a lot of it, but if I had to choose between fruit and veg for a diet I think I'd pick veg. There seems to be more variety and more ways of preparing them, e,g, cooked or raw, or a nice crispy salad. Are we allowed to toss some fruit into the salad? Mmmm...

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I think it is healthy to eat lots of fruits and vegetables but without something more substantial I find that they just don't keep you filled up for long. I have to add some nice whole grains or I'm literally eating all the time.

Dr. Douglass Grahm wrote a book called "The 80/10/10 diet" where he argues that our most natural and healthful diet is one comprised mainly of fruit. I haven't read this book yet but several people I've talked to tell me that it is very well researched and convincing.

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veggies I never been on diet nbut I like veggies maybe im weird lol sall good though

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fruit is definatly my faveriot becuase its sweet

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