Has anyone else tried fasting on fruit and vegetable juice?

Has anyone else tried fasting on fruit and vegetable juice? The other day, I got some advice here that said I should do that for a few days to shrink my stomach & remove toxins, etc. I’m trying to get rid of about 20 pounds I’ve gained this year from sitting in my computer chair too much.

So, has anybody else tried the whole juice & veggie fasting thing? If so, was it hard to stick to? It’s only been five hours, so it’s still early. I’m just wondering if I’m going to go nuts craving food though.

Answer #1

Fruit fasting is not bad, it has never been bad, just start off slow. If you can only take a few days at once then do that and go back to your normal diet for a day or two, then try again for a longer amount of time. It will hurt, but that is good. No pain no gain after all. I’ve just started a 40 day fruit fast. Today is my first day, 39 more to go. I have high hopes to lose weight but fruit or juice fasting can do more for you than just help with weight. Fasting is very spiritual, whether or not you believe in God.

Drink lots of water and green tea, eat only fruits and veggies and take vitamins and “Herbs & Prunes” to make up for the lack of meat. Once you are done with the fast, continue with the process of eating healthy. Exercise daily and fruit fast or juice fast once a week for a day. That should take care of the toxins from other foods that were built up during that week.

I wouldn’t recommend starting a 40 day fruit fast. I’d go with 3 days and then later 14 days.

Another thing I’d say you should do is weight lifting. Just a little bit. This will build up muscle that might have been lost after the fasting. You will be full of energy and more self confident than ever.

Answer #2

I may be a little late, but i think you are basically talking about being a vegetarian. i can tell you that eating fresh fruits and organic veggies is the way. The best are berries for fruit and broccolli for your veggie. Ofcourse you can add others, but make sure these are top priority. They have the most nutrients. Drink lots of water with lemon. This will help detoxify your body. Water is your friend. Don’t drink soda or sugary juices. Also stay away from all white carbs. Still with 100% whole wheat. You must not forget to excersise. Any type, just do some. Last, don’t eat after 7:30. IThis has to be a lifestyle , not a diet

Answer #3

hey there… my sister tried that diet and she got sick…u wil loose weight and then gain back the same weight.

Answer #4

I just started a 21 day fast on fruits, veggies and water. Hoping to hear from God…

Answer #5

I am on day three of fruit/veggie fast, 350 lbs, and desperately need to lose weight due to health issues. I am happy to report that, despite some, uh…flatulence issues…, all is well. In 3 days, I actually don’t feel as tired as I’ve been for months. yes, I’m hungry, but not near as bad as I thought I would be. I drink plenty of water. Hopefully, I will see some great results.

Answer #6

Don’t do that. Fasting is the unhealthy way to loose weight. If you want to be fit, eat healthy food. Not just veggies and stuff, meat and dairy. But not too much. Go to the gym, work out. Go on walks. Fasting will make you skinny, yes, but ugly and bedraggled looking. If you wanna look good, excrsize. Also, guess what your doing right now? Sitting in your computer chair looking at the screen. GO! Never come back unless you HAVE to. Don’t use this evil machine. Good luck. I hope it works.

Answer #7

I’ve just started a juice fast for weight loss and too make my body easier im on day 2 and its going alright juice fast relieve your body of toxins and stuff xx

Answer #8

I think being able to eat every few hours is a relatively new thing for humans. Previously we ate when there was food and we survived a while when there wasn’t. Our bodies have mechanisms to deal with temporary disruptions in our food supply. No doubt fasting is stressful to the body but healthy individuals will be able to make it through without problems.

I’ve fasted various times over the years. As I said in other advice the fast that worked best for me was Master Cleanser. I don’t believe all the claims for this but for some reason it seems easier to stay on than other fasts. With this fast you drink a special lemonade that looks awful (looks like rusty brackish water) but tastes pretty good and the spice gives it a pleasent kick. I drink 1/2 gal/day when I’m on it so I mix up that much each time:

1/2 cup fresh squeezed organic lemon juice 1/2 cup grade ‘B’ Maple syrup 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (or more if you like) filtered or spring water to make 1/2 gal

The cayenne pepper is supposed to break up mucus; who knows if it actually does but it does give the lemonade an interesting edge to it.

You are supposed to stay on this at least 10 days though the longest I ever made it to was 7. I’m not going to do it any time soon because I’m working out and you need food for energy for exercise. Even after all the water weight you regain when you start eating I lost 1 lb/day on master cleanser. A few years ago this got popular as several celebrities used it to quickly drop a few pounds.

Answer #9

Fasting with fruits and veggies is a good thing to do. It makes you look at life through a clear lens. It will give you energy and help with jumping starting your new lifestyle change. Remember Daniel fasted while in prison and he looked and was much more fit than the others who ate the kings food. Try it and see how it works for you and your body. Just us giving you in put is not going to help until you experience it for yourself. Don’t give up and faith that this will work. Remember sometimes you have to encourage yourself, and leave the rest of the negative talk with that person. Shake the dust off and keep on moving and praying. Good luck

Answer #10

I have fasted for religious reasons and fasted on juice to lose weight. Fasting to lose weight I must say is not easy. You WILL get hungry! and drinking juice will curb the hunger and you end up working out by going to the toilet everytime you drink. My advice is dont bother with it. It’s not healthy even for a few days. Best way to lose weight is by exercising even if only walking a few minutes a day, it can go a long way. Besides that fasting trick gives a really bad breath : {

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