Does anybody else feel ilke so far, the points system has *demotivated you, rather than motivated you?

Answer #1

i dont think its really made too much difference for me. I do like getting points though but I would have been just as motivated without them. Probably because my main motivation is procrastination and this site is great for that!

Answer #2

Yeah, it bothers me alot now, especially if my point is on an odd number -_- i liked getting a point everytime i posted, it was like a thank you from the site, but you took that away from me :( < /3

Answer #3

Fact is, we designed it to work one way…several months ago. Even now, it’s not working that way, which is really confusing to me…and given the number of questions we’ve had about how it works…I’m not the only one.

Answer #4

I just dont think that its fair that other people have to award you points, obviously we have those immature people who can read the best answer on the website, and even then they wouldnt “like” it. So alot of people wont be getting many points, i think we should be able to earn our own points, whether by posting a status update, or another way.

Answer #5

Did you read the my points page? You can earn them by posting youtube clips, or photos…not just ordinary status updates :) And yes, it is lame that you can’t earn points by posting a good answer, especially if you’re the first one to answer and it’s helpful, etc.

Answer #6

but then with status updates, people can just post them a million times a day…

Answer #7

Yeah i read it, but it has to be “instructional” well if its lame, then why don’t you change it? :)

Answer #8

I can’t change anything nor can I really dictate priority…I’m getting feedback and then I use that to demonstrate how and why things aren’t working properly…because if I’m the only one that has an opinion, one way…that really doesn’t count for much, out of 200K people :)

Answer #9

The reason ordinary status updates don’t earn points anymore…well, look at the leaderboard. The only reason 1/2 the people are there is the massive number of status updates they posted :)

Answer #10

you know what i think ? I think once the groups are back up, you should make one for REGULAR long term members, and get feed back from them, like Heaven, Me , Mandyloo , Dara , as in people who have been here 1year + , and actually help around the site, if we keep coming back we must have good intentions right? Also in doing so, we would be speaking for most people, and that’ll save you the trouble of trying to guess what 200K people want :)

Answer #11

I am not sure.

Answer #12

hmmm to be honest i dont think they work :/ because most people just try and get LOADS of likes on their status or they keep posting loads of status fulll of “facts” so they can get them :/ i dont see the point in them.

Answer #13

I agree.

Answer #14

I agree.

Answer #15

I agree.

Answer #16

cough I’ve only been here since November :) walks away :)

Answer #17

Status updates no longer get points Lizzie. Check the “My Points” area either in the “More” tab or on the upper right hand side of your profile. You’ll see the new breakdown there :)

Answer #18

Hmmm, I do wish that we could get points for good comments on status updates because a lot of them are really questions that didn’t make the cut. A good answer is a good answer regardless of what it responds to.

I agree with removing points from the updates. I don’t’ feel accomplished “earning” points just because I told you guys I bought a smoothie from a gas station today.

With that in mind though, I would sort of like to see the “likes” for status update go back to some value just because some people put “valuable” things in their status updates. For instance, you and Ericson put tips for the site. Colleen puts profound, thought provoking quotes in hers. Irene are sometimes, um, “profound-ish”…haha…but a lot of times they’re funny too. I know that statuses don’t add real value to a site whose core foundation is questions and answers, but I do think that a one measly point per like on those would be nice. No need to give points for the original posts, but the likes, eh, I think it would be good.

Beyond all that, I think the question and answer points are fine. More thought provoking categories get higher points. That works for me :) Photos, videos, all good in my book. I’m always motivated to remain active around here. I was before these silly points came about and I will be if the system gets all messed up. Right now, the points just keep my picture on an extra page :)

Answer #19

The definitive breakdown on getting points on Funadvice:

  1. ASK good questions! In some cases, you can get up to 7 points for doing so, depending on the category. Hint! Pets, Beauty and Style give you mondo points :-)

  2. ANSWER questions! If someone likes your answer, you can get up to the same number of points as in #1 (yeah!!)

  3. Post an instructional video in one of the high value categories – You get up to 5 points depending on category.

  4. When HOWTO’s come back online next week, you can make up to 25 points when you create one!!!

Now, the downside….

a. Someone has to like your answer, you didn’t think that just posting an answer would give you points, right? Right??? Because then any yahoo would just post anything to get those 7 points on your pets and animals question, even it if made no sense.

b. If you create content with one of our forbidden (adult) words, you’ll get no point for it – for obvious reasons.

c. We don’t give points for content thats “just for fun”. Example (status updates, photos, replies to status updates, replies to photos and videos). – This may change in the future.

So there, we plan to put up a good page later, outlining the points system in more detail, so you know how you can take good advantage of it.

So now, you all like this answer, and gimme my 1 point damnit!! :-)

Answer #20

only if you like mine first! Anyway, what about when your question is mistakenly placed in the mature catagory when it shouldnt be?

Answer #21

Sigh, I gave you the flippin point.

Answer #22

We can change it back.

Answer #23

I like the point system. The only issue I have with it is that previously a lot of answers in a question got rated and not only the top one. This time round it seems that only one good answer will get rated and the rest will be ignored.

Answer #24

but do i get my points or are they lost forever?

Answer #25

No, all answers can be rated. THe one with the most ratings will go to the top. This means if you give a good answer, you will get points too. Its just that the person at the top probably got more ratings than you, so if they got rated 5 times, they got 10 points in total, if you got rated one time, you’ll get 2.

BTW, I’m liking your answer, so you get a point!

Answer #26

No you keep your points.

Answer #27

It also depends on the order though. Notice that your answer and hers have both been liked once, but hers shows on top because it was last rated. That’s a bit frustrating, but you have at least put the little number of likes next to it now. That helps. Hers, however, will be more likely to get liked again though just because it’s on top.

Answer #28

No, she won’t. If she had something marked mature when it wasn’t, she gets no points to begin with. Then if we move it to not mature, she still gets no points. That’s what she’s asking.

Answer #29

Lol. I noticed that you can rate all answers. It just seems like people do not read downward on the page, where other good answers are also hidden. But other than that. I like the point system.

Answer #30

I think the main issue with this is getting people to “Like” the answers. Once we get in the habit of doing that, then it will all begin to make sense.

Its all about rewarding each other for good advice.

Answer #31

All these answers are a prime example!!!

Notice how the “bad” answers get pushed down to the bottom, while the helpful ones get pushed up to the top??

Answer #32

Calling my answer bad boy?

Answer #33

Yes, girl. Its not an answer, its a complaint. People notice that right away. :-) Thats EXACTLY why you got points for another question of mine you answered a few minutes back, but despite all the people in this thread, you got no points for that specific answer as yet.

See… the system is working :-)

Answer #34

Lol. I understand your point. :). I suppose it’s just going to take some time to get used to everything.

Answer #35

Oh how I disagree. I complained, yes, but I answer the question thoroughly, explaining my likes and dislikes. Do I think it should be on top? Nope. But I’m not going to be trash talked by some hoity toity admin with his oh so powerful rules :) We’ll agree to disagree though. Wouldn’t want a brawl to start and you get all embarrassed for losing to a little girl like me :)

Answer #36

Don’t blame me!!! Blame everyone else in this thread who did not like that specific answer, and thus give you points :-)

If you want I can “like” it and get you a point, but it takes more than just little old me to get it up there babes!

Start a campaign!

Thats the beauty of this system, its not the decision of me or anyone else to give or not give someone else points. It your peers that give you points!

Answer #37

Exactly. You’re so wonderfully knowlegable and ingenius!

Answer #38

Lol, I don’t give a damn about points. I was grrrr-ing about you calling my answer bad. I don’t need to campaign for things. If they come, they come

Answer #39

Well I’ve learned that sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes the correct answer is not always the liked one. So for me the point system means absolutly nothing. I deal in facts and do not take part in popularity contests which I find the point system can be. So I will never answer with the points in mind. Sue

Answer #40

oh i was going to say cause thats not fair >.< just giving people points for status

Answer #41

No I love the point system!

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