Why do people feel the need to point out OBVIOUS things about each other?

I’m pretty thin because I have a very high metabolism. It never used to bother me and I was very confident in myself. However, lately it’s been brought to my attention that I’m “So skinny” like I didn’t already know. It happened again today and it bothered me. I don’t get it. Is there something wrong with being thin?

Answer #1

In an arguement, they use it to win their arguement or support their idea, especially negitave things. That’s usually the only reason.

Answer #2

I wasn’t in an argument but I see what you mean. It was an old friend from high school and she was with two other people. It was basically the topic of our conversation.

Answer #3

Oh my god. THANK YOU. im constantly being diagnosed with eating disorders by people because im skinny. I love being skinny, i rather be this skinny than fat. People make it seem like such a crime. I love collar bones, hip bones, the gap between my thighs, all of it. Also i have this thing about people touching my bones, i think its much more romantic than touching a layer of fat. Being thin is beautiful, it doesnt mean you’re sick or unstable. It means you’re in control of your body & like to look good. my bones are beautiful.

Answer #4

There is nothing wrong in being thin and your thinking does all that. If somebody comments on your body, just ignore it and proceed with your work. Laugh it off comments you get from others as it is the best way to deal with it. If you are happy with you busy, why do you bother about others commenting on you ?

Answer #5

Well on that topic, i think that people would probably talk about it because they are jealous to not be as skinny as you. So they are all like omg, -name- is soooo skinny! Why cant i be skinny like her???

Answer #6

If your friends are maybe ‘bigger’ than you are, they may just point it out because they wish their body was more like yours, which can lead to a conversation about it, etc.

Answer #7

@fuzzythebear- Haha, your answer made me laugh. :)

I dunno. I used to be really confident and not even think about my weight. Sure I wished I had a nice butt and boobs but I just figured it’s the way I was meant to be. So I embraced it. After today, I wasn’t too sure if I needed to be so confident. But these answers are really helping and I appreciate everyone’s responses.

Answer #8

I’m glad you love your body and embrace it. :)

Answer #9

I agree with that! I hate when people point out the obvious. Like when you get a hair cut and get like it all cut off then the next day your friends ask, “OMG did you get a hair cut!??” NOOOO… it just grew shorter! :S

I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with being thin! I love thin so much! I have the same issue, i get told i am thin and too skinny all the time! which means i much have an eating disorder! But i do not understand why people feel the need to talk about it all the time! okay!, you think i am skinny now get over it!

I believe a lot of people say it because the are jealous of you, and probably want compliments themselves. “OMG you are so skinny”… so they expect you to say it back to them and it makes them feel better about themselves! HA! :)

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