What do you think of a "mood" setting on FA?

I know this website is first and foremost a advice website, where people can log on and ask questions which they need help with in life, or just general queries to solve that nagging problem. And personally I think this is great in that respect.

But we also all have profile pages where we can see what each other are about and are also encouraged to upload photo’s so we can see who (or what) is helping us. We can comment on each other so this is in essence a sort of socialising site, maybe unintentionally but I have met some good people on here who I get on well with outside of the site…but it doesn’t stop me answering questions nor does it anyone else.

Also it is also nice being given advice from someone you kinda know because you’ve had little conversations in the comment sections of your profile with them, so its better being given advice from a sort of “friend” rather then a complete stranger.

What I am saying is with the previous point at hand, what do people think about a possible “mood status” where people can write on their profile how they are generally feeling, something brief on their mind etc etc. So if a question is answered in a slightly negative way and the advisors status is set to something like “bad mood”, then you at least have a little insight to their feelings.

Also as brief thoughts or moods are broadcasted on your profile, people can comment on the mood etc, asking what is wrong, oh why are you so happy etc so some advice can be given on peoples profiles rather then going through this new complicated system of asking a question lol

Which brings me to the last point? Why is it so complicated? I had to write this question out in 5 different ways before I could get it to bloody post! lol

Thoughts please :)

Answer #1

Reo0088, what a jolly good idea champ, I second that notion :)

Maybe the mood status would discourage numb-bats who thinks your online and gives them permission to fun mail you with trivia crap like - ‘hey, how are you’ and cannot even string a few sentences together to hold a funmail conversation…instant removal off the the friend list…no mercy ;)

Answer #2

I agree,it would be fun to make it similar to a social site or something but more like,involving. This site is good and helpful,but they need to add some spice to it. :)

Answer #3

I’d be willing to bet your question didn’t post becuase of this one: http://www.funadvice.com/q/mood_thingies

Exactly how is this suggestion different from that one? you see it in the “related questions’ on the right of this very page…:)

Yes, it would be cool, yes, we do have plans to add features as always, however, we never move as fast as members would like :) It takes a lot less time to suggest a feature…than it does to build :) Otherwise, our site would be perfect, never have bugs, know what you were thinking…and, react instantly to your thoughts (eventually, perhaps, but not in the immediate future). :)

Answer #4

Haha the dude puts in a LOT of smileys :)

Answer #5

That idea sounds pretty cool =]

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