How do you feel about the points system?

I’ve noticed a lot of people complaining lately about various aspects of it and I don’t get it. Honestly. Why are they so important to you? Because a lot of people seem to start bashing on other people who start acquiring a lot of points.

Answer #1

You know, when the points actually count for currency, then I can see why people would get upset, but as it stands, until that happens, the points really don’t mean too much.

Answer #2

Even then… I don’t think I’m going to be making a big fuss about it. I’ll probably just forward everything to a charity, or back to FunAdvice if possible.

Answer #3

I feel there causing a lot of drama, people start getting all whiney about so and so getting a lot of points and blahblahblah. I personally dont care about them. They seem like drama to me at this point =/ I hope people get more mature about it all.

Answer #4

I think the points system is very fair. People might might not like it because if they do not have very many and I you click on “My Points” It says that points will soon be turned in to US$$$. And the points are based on how helpful you are so if you want more points give better or more answers!

Answer #5

I don’t see the point in complaining about it. To me getting points can kind of motivate you to give great advice in a way you know? Nothing to really make a huge deal over

Answer #6

I was talking more about people complaining about people who are either A) Asking too many questions, or B) People who like answers for either no reason, or just to give a friend a little points boost.

Answer #7

Yeah thats is a big issue I only “Like” if i actually like something, haha

Answer #8

I have mixed feelings about it, it sorta shows who gives the most advice which could put others down that have low self esteem, so it doesn’t work for most, but we’ll see what happens later on on the site.

Answer #9

I like the point system. I don’t like it when people abuse it, and start asking nonstop questions to try & gain points. If i see an answer i like, ill like it, doesn’t make a difference to me who wrote it. The points are a reward, and if i feel like someone deserves them i will give it to them, however i will not stoop to asking 392848932 a day to try & gain points, i will answer a question & leave the liking to the community :)

Answer #10

im confused by the new points system. i still dont see how we could get money for answering questions. when you get money involved though, people will go crazy for it, but that doesnt mean everyone answering questions does. it would have been nice to have it on the old funadvice when i had answered over 12,000 questions!

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