Why do I sometimes feel like I have a hard time letting go of my past?

So very frequently I think of my old friends I used to have and for some reason I always feel kinda guilty in a way. One friend I used to have we were friends for years and we stopped being friends for tons of different reasons. I just felt like I was a crappy friend and feel like I could’ve done something but at the same time at times she was kind of crappy to me too. I haven’t seen her in about 4 years. Last summer I actually tried calling her. We talked a few times and I gave her my number for her to call me but she would never call me back. I even had apologized to her too just to get it off my chest. After that I just assumed it was all over for good. But I still think of her sometimes and it kind of hurts in a way thinking that most likely I’ll never see her again cause we were close for a long time. There was another friend too who I think about but that’s another long story. I don’t know I just sometimes think what if. Does anyone else ever feel this way or have any advice for me to help me really move on?

Answer #1

Because you want to hold onto it as long as possible. Like if you hold onto it then it can become real again.

Answer #2

no i dont feel this way and i dont have any advice for you to move on. i dont wanna be nasty or anything but you seem kinda bitchy :/. on the other post the girl was gorgeous and the guy just asked why no decent guy seems to be interested in her and you tottaly went ragin at him saying that shes ugly :/ you dont even know the girl so stop saying nasty stuff to other people okay :@…….

Answer #3

I’ve felt like that and did the same thing - i tried to get in touch with them and rekindle my old friendships. In the end, it never worked out, things werent the same, and we were in two different places in our lives. People dont often talk about it but friends come and go throughout your life, i dont talk to single person that i grew up witb because we all live such different lives and just went our seperate ways. It doesnt make me sad though - thats life. Just enjoy the memories you had and move on, youll have plenty more friends come in and out of your life before your older and stable in life.

Answer #4

Wtf? I just tell it like it is and give my opinion. If you don’t like me then why the f*ck are you wasting your time commenting here and talking to me in the first place?

Answer #5

“no i dont feel this way and i dont have any advice for you to move on. “

That’s where you should have stopped, actually, you shouldn’t have even written anything if you didn’t have any advice. If you have a problem with the girl, don’t come here and start crap, she’s got a question and wasn’t it answered, she doesn’t want people coming in here complaining about something she said earlier.

Answer #6

well yeah but thats the thing she didnt have an aswer for the otjer post she just said that the girl was ugly which is s real shame cause i would be upset if someone said that my boyfriend was ugly :/ and dont get involved …..

Answer #7

I never said she was ugly. I said I didn’t think she was pretty. Gosh!

Answer #8

Filtering friends is a sad but necessary part of life. Some people come and go, that’s the way it should be, actually. We may have wanted to keep certain friends because of all the positive they brought but when the negative outweighs that, it’s time to let them go.

I often filter through my friends. How do I serve them? How do they serve me? How does this person make me feel and do I approve of the decisions they make with their life?

A girl I loved dearly just kept having terrible boyfriends. She would become less reliable and available to me every time she got a new boyfriend. Our friendship eventually ended because at the end of the day, that’s not what an adult–what a friend–does. I miss her all the time but it hurt to be around her because she was too self-absorbed with her own needs to be loved by men.

If it ended, it’s probably because it wasn’t a good thing. It’s good to apologize if you feel you did wrong, but there’s no need to head back into a friendship that ended because you weren’t compatible mates.

Answer #9

We all feel that way sometimes, friends come & go as do relationships…if it wasnt able to last maybe that is a sign that it wasnt meant to be…I had a friend for almost 15 years & we were so close she practically lived with me & my family at times…i had to move then things began to go south…i gpt married & I barely heard from her like once or twice a month but when we met up we had a lot to talk to about & thought things would get better…then i had to move again out of the country & tried to keep in touch the old fashioned way because she didnt have a computer or e-mail…at first i got 2 letters the first year and then felt it would just be easier to call using a prepaid calling card. Worked fine for another year…trying to call at birthdays…holidays & such…but then I was going throiugh a lot & so was she so we kind of separately got more depressed & didnt really try to contact one another…i was going through a very difficult divorce & really needed her so I called…and we talked…I said i was going to be coming for a visit & really wanted to hook up…she kept giving me the run around for a whole month so I got it…said w00tever. When i got back I called her & said you know i was really hurt because I was visiting for a whole month & you couldnt even find 1 day to spend with me…1 hour even?! Gave me more of the work issues yada yada…i said fine…w00tever! Then tried once more…and the calling card disconnected was a bad connection I couldnt call had to run out & buy a new card… So I called her up & said i was going to try to get a new card & i would call her when i could…when i got back…she said ok, im going to get to the nearest pay phone, it’s how we did it she only had a cell phone so I couldnt call that! I tried the payphone & it wasnt going through and i would hear it hang up over & over again…she got p!ssed went home I tried her cell to see what ha[pened…apparently she was p!ssed at me for waiting in the rain…so she went home…I tried to explain to her that it wasnt my fult that the connection didnt go through, but she was into her own notions about the situation & refused to talk to me…I tried to call back a little later…she didnt even pick up.. a few weeks later i was going to visit again had issues to take care of, my mom wanted to invite her for the holiday as a surprise and she kept doging her calls, told her friend to answer her phone & while screaming in the background, that she was in a meeting…(BS) so my mom said ok, please have her call me when she is done…guess what she never did…my mom tried a week later again & got the same response… was I mad, no I was furious…she got mad over something that I had no control over…she called herself a best friend for 15 years & acted this way even to my own mother…I mean come on there is a certain red line you just dont cross over…if you do then it just isnt worth saving! So I didnt…I havent spoken to her since then… its been almost 3 years now! sad yeah…hurtful yeah…did i feel guilty…hell yeah…am i sorry have nothing to be sorry for it wasnt my fault…to i miss her in a way yes & in a way no…she had the opportunity to hear me or my mother out & didnt… when she needed me to be there for her i was when i needed her to be there for me she wasnt…so hey C’est la Vie!!! Maybe that is just how it was meant to end!

Same with you dear…dont break a sweat…what was was…what ever will be will be….you will have many new friends & life does go on…dont feel bad because it takes 2 to tango & it is there fault as well. You tried made the effort & they just didnt try hard enough to even meet you half way! let it go & enjoy the rest of your life…many hugs♥

Answer #10

Wow, please grow up. I’m starting to think that you have two accounts or something and that you posted a picture of yourself pretending to be a guy who is in love with you. We dont think that you’re pretty if that picture was of you, so deal with it. Having multiple accounts is against the rules so if that is your account and you were pretending to be some dude in love with that girl in the picture who is really you, then you need to delete that account. If you have a problem with someone, dont bring that problem onto every other post they make. That’s harassment. You dont want to be harassed do you? So dont harass others.

Answer #11

no thats silly :/ i just think that if your oppinion might hurt someboys feelings you dont say it out loud…..

Answer #12

And I feel like I have the freedom of speech, which means I can speak freely about whatever I please. & I dont think it’s silly at all. I feel like that is you and you have two accounts. It’s awful funny that yours and that “other person’s” account both say you guys are from the same place.

Answer #13

if i was making another account do you think i would be that stupid to say that we are both from scotland :/….. well maybe scottish people are nicer than you guys ….

Answer #14

and yes you do have the freedom of speech but you wouldnt like it if someone said to you that you were ugl y :/…

Answer #15

Okay look I’m sorry if you were so offended but seriously grow up! Stop making such a big deal out of nothing. The dude asked if we thought she was pretty and we gave our opinion. No need to attack us over it. Like I said I never said she was ugly okay. I don’t even know why you’re still arguing about it

Answer #16

I honestly wouldnt care if someone said I was ugly because different people find different things attractive. Some people think im beautiful and some think that Im really nasty. It doesnt mean anything to me either way and some of my family back many generations ago were form Scotland, I am part scottish. Thank you. Also, I do think you’d be that careless and put that both your accounts were from Scotland. Notice, I didnt use your word, “stupid” I used careless.

Answer #17

Quote.. cant remember who.. ‘Do not worry about people you met in the past…. There is a reason they did not make it to your future’

Answer #18

I really like that quote. Thanks!

Answer #19

Welcome :-)

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