Ever feel like giving up on life, what keeps you going?

for the people who are on do you ever feel like just giving up in life? if so how do guys cope with it and move on? like what keeps you going and keeps you strong?

Answer #1

well the first thing that someone needs to accept is that just giving up and cashing out is SIMPLY NOT AN OPTION.

after someone has accepted that- then you have only a couple more options.

sit in one place and be a drain on someone elses resources and sanity. or decide to do something positive with your life

once you have made one of those two choices the path opens up.

choosing the positive way means that you will face hardships, life will still seem unfair at times- but the act of pushing forward creates strength, survive enough hardships and you can gain wisdom, which makes you stronger as well. eventually you will reach a point in life where you can look back at what you have lived through, failures and successes- and realize the ride really wasn’t so bad after all- you are alive and strong and CONFIDENT that you can face any hardship life throws at you.

Answer #2

I often feel like giving up. Especially now! Things are always going to crap around me, and I am so young. I feel like at this age, I should not have to deal with all that I am. As far as coping? Just barely. I talk to my friends, busy myself with things…to keep my mind away. When I am feeling down, I write. I get all of my feelings on paper. Sometimes it is related to my life in a metaphorical way; other times, just a fictional fantasy that I would rather be living. Usually It doesn’t make sense the way it is arranged, but I fix it if I like it. Music is the other thing that keeps me going. I turn it up loud to drown out everything… Sometimes I cannot take it. I have never attempted suicide, but I have done other things. Once I ran away-spur of the moment decision- but I didn’t go far. I wasn’t gone long enough for anyone to miss me. I had no money, nowhere to go, nothing to do, and I realized I wasn’t being very logical. The thing that keeps me alive; the reason I get up in the morning, is that I know that people do care. Whether it seems like all of my REAL friends are far too busy for me; and that my parents don’t give a crap about me; I know that it is not their fault. Awful things have taken over my parents common sense and values, but underneath it all, I know they are good people; or at least trying.

Thanks. It is good to vent.

Answer #3

I use to feel exactly like that until when I thought all hope was lost someone asked me out..and it had been 4 years since I had a boyfriend.Now I’m happier then ever. trust me things WILL get better..you might have to hang in there no matter what it is getting you down, things will get better.

Answer #4

“do you ever feel like just giving up in life? “ Yes I do.

“if so how do guys cope with it and move on?” I talk to my best friend about it or I ask you for advice.

“like what keeps you going and keeps you strong?” Irene,Allison and all my GREAT friends. (like you)

Answer #5

My dreams keep me going. I know what I want to do with my life and no matter how bad I feel sometimes, Nothing will will ever stop me obtaining my dreams. So year just look to your dreams.

Or if you are a religious person you could pray to your god to make you feel better…

Answer #6

I just realise there is a lot for me to do before I die. There are people who are counting on me to do things for them, myself, so right now I know I need to stay alive! :)

Answer #7

Right know I dont see any reason to live> Marriage is going down drain fast I am treated more like a maid then wife. Does not want to touch me always puts me down { EVERY DAY} Kids take there cue from him and treat me the same way. I cant leave!!! I CANT STAY much longer and my cutting is getting deeper.Soon I will be gone and they all can be happy. Hubby with his computer girlfriends and kids being allowed to do as they please. So why not give up on life there is no happiness left for me and nothing for me to hold on to any more!!! But if anyone out there can find that little strand of hope hold on to it dont let it go>> I only Know for some it is gone!!

Answer #8

do you ever feel like just giving up in life? NO - I have lots to do here in this world!! I am not the one who decides when it time to go!

if so how do guys cope with it and move on? when the going gets tough, I take a break, I mean, I take a week off from all my social world, and analyze each problem.. and attack each one, one by one

like what keeps you going and keeps you strong? looking at the communist countries, and seeing people not live to their fullest. Seeing babies in africa dying from hunger. seeing people on the streets. This reminds me that my life is a lot better than others, and that humbling thought keeps me going… I though I had problems? how about the Chinese christian who is about to be tortured for believing in Christ?

Answer #9

awww boo wats wrong:( but yes I do all the time!!! I felt like that today I sometimes cant cope I jsut gata wait till the feelin passes or I talk to someone that I know can always cheer me up or make me smile and laugh. but if im in a really bad mood that doesnt work no matter who it is. its hard yes but you will get through it I prmise you it may not feel like you will but you WILL maybe if you can try thinken of somethin happy or somethin to look forward to sometimes I have nothign to keep me going well I feel like I dont if I put real thought into it I usually find a reason to stay and not give up like ma friends the people I love and care for , I don’t know really what keeps me strong thats a good question feel better!!! im here for you always =)

Answer #10

I feel so like crap right now. I am ONLY on funadvice when I feel like crap!!! It’s only when I feel depressed and need some assurance and comfort from you dandy people thati come to this great site. I cope with it by sleeping it off. Doing activites to keep me occupied. Talk about it to someone! im sure at leastsomeone around you will understand. I talk about it almost everyday. At times, I feel suicidal. But I always rememberthat people will miss me.

Answer #11

lol.. this is a quality question!.. but I can’t be bothered to post my story.. I just like reading other’s

Answer #12

lots and lots of sex

Answer #13

I feel like giving up most days, probably a few times a week I think “wouldn’t the world just be better if it were rid of me, or I better if I was rid of the world?” The thing that keeps me going is the thought of my mother finding my lifeless body and not wanting to go on. The thought of my father, who doesn’t know nearly how much I love him, having to let me go when he barely got the chance to know me. My brothers, I believe, are fragile as well and I would never want to put this burden onto them. My boyfriend keeps me going most of all. He has lost almost his entire family to suicide, and I’m afraid losing me to that too would be the cherry on top of his troubled life. He is such an amazing, caring person, and putting him into more pain is the last thing I would ever want to do. My family and my boyfriend, save my life everyday.

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