What's the fastest car that's even been created til today?

and what’s its maximum speed?

Answer #1

uhm i dont remember the car type but it was all balck with a red bottom and it just came out, built just for speed from the germans, but it was on a show from britain nd it reached a mx of 417 mph, it was nutttsss :)

Answer #2

bugatti veyron the fastes t production car ever

Answer #3

yup thats the name of it :)

Answer #4

a small correction its top speed is 253 miles per hour

Answer #5

If you’re talking about production cars t’s hard to accurately say which car is fastest, as there is no standardized method for determining the top speed of a car, nor a central authority to verify these speeds. Don’t for a second think that this top speed battle is over, because SSC has confirmed that in the next few weeks they will release a follow up to the Ultimate Aero TT, which they plan will defeat the Bugatti Veyron, once and for all.The Bugatti Veyron held onto the title for over two years, but was then over thrown by an American built supercar called the SSC Ultimate Aero TT. SSC stands for Shelby SuperCars, as the mastermind behind SSC is Jerod Shelby (no relation to car designer Carroll Shelby). The Ultimate Aero TT achieved an average top speed of 256.12 mph, which was calculated by averaging out two separate runs in opposite directions. Amazingly, the SSC Ultimate Aero TT accomplished this speed on a closed section of Route 93 in Nevada, which is obviously not a perfectly flat piece of road, so the SSC had to put up with slight inclines and declines and small bumps, which emphasizes how well built this car really is. The car used in the record setting run was the 2007 model which produced a massive 1,183 horsepower, which is capable of shooting the car from 0-60 in only 2.78 seconds. In 2009, SSC released an updated version of the SSC which has 15 percent more power, pushing the tally up to 1,278 horsepower, and SSC claim it is capable of reaching 270 mph, although this had not been verified Keating claim that last year they clocked the TKR at a speed of 260.1 mph. Without official proof. the Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo which has a claimed top speed of 248 mph, but no proof. If you’re talking about modified vehicles then you must take into account jet-powered vehicles that have been breaking the sound barrier (mach 1), for decades (approx. 762 MPH).

Answer #6

well the road show the lady is talking about is BBC TOP GEAR and the car was BUGATTI VEYRON.but the latestversionof car hit a staggering 428kph..i repeat kph which in britian would mean 266 mph….the tests were done in a secret track in germany of course personally owned by bugatti…its the fastest road car….apart from that there are those non road strange looking cars which have touched something like 1200kph but they are not pratical on road cars..

Answer #7

Road car: Bugatti Veyron SS Non-Road car: Thrust SSC

Answer #8

Bugatti Veyron. The worlds fastest production model car you have to meet all the safety and emissions standards that production models face, as well as run on fuel from the average pump. For more detailed information visit this site. toyotainnova.net

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