Why do fast food joints have really bad service in everything?

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staff are under- payed and probably wishing that they had another job :)

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It's because it's a fast food place. They get minimum wage, it's not the most respected job and some managers are just mean.

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Because people there don't take their job siriusly, and also I have seen mostly teenagers working there so that can mean that they are not getting paid very much, which causes them to care even less. But not all people are like that, I have met vey nice people there, but yeah most of them can be very, unprofecional.

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well which fast food place u talking about, because i work in one and i know everyone there is really nice to the customers and go the extra mile for them even though we do wish we were paid more lol, but thats till after graduate for my career, hopefully sooner than i think:]

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gud questin! i gues coz they are lazy ppl who cnt get a better job other then flippin burgers!

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