Is an iq of 90 really bad?

Is having an IQ of 90 really bad for a 14

and what is a 14 year old meant to have as an IQ?

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If you had to talk to a person with an IQ of 90, you'd be quite shocked at how difficult it would be. As smurf implies, it's a few bricks short of a load.

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don't worry , that's good for your age mine used to be 98 or 99 now it's like 120 and I'm 15 .

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ok people, unless you actually know what IQ is considered to be mentally retarded by the APA, please dont make other people feel bad about it... FYI it is around 70, so 90 is way above that...

Like several other people have noted, IQ is culturally biased and doesnt prove anything...

ok the way IQ works is around a normal curve (no matter how old you are), basically 100 is the average and 90-110 encompasses most people...

I wouldnt worry about it... it doesnt mean anything about you...

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The interquartile range of IQs (the range that 50% of the population falls in) is 90-110. An IQ of 90 would be at the low end of the normal range.

Rememer that IQ is a test score. Some people are intelligent but simply not good at taking tests. IQ test scores are often biased toward specific kinds of intelligence.

IQ is not a good predictor of academic success, job performance, or life accomplishemnts. It is based on old assumptions about human potential.

My advice is to apply yourself to your school and studies and don't worry about your score.

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An IQ test result is made up of the scores from a lot of different tests. If someone got 90 on every test, they would be a bit below average (not seriously sub-normal, though). But someone could get 120 on some tests (very brainy) and 70 or 80 on others (for example if they are dyslexic and fail all the symbols/letters tests). So their average could still be 90 but they would be clever but dyslexic.

So 90 isn't a great score but you need to find out why - was it 90 in every test, or a very varied series of results which just averages out to 90?

I'm a teacher for dyslexic pupils, and one of my pupils is exactly what I described - 136 on two tests, and below 90 on others!

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I have an IQ of 124, I think thats pretty good since I'm 14, but I really don't think I'm that smart tho. lmao.

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iq is not something that is age specific. An iq of 90 is borderline mentally retarded. 100 is average.

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90 isn't that bad. I'm 13 and my IQ is like 115. It used to be 100.

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I'm 14 and my IQ is 134, but I don't have a clue whether its good or bad for my age or not.

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Actually filletofspam is right. Many IQ tests also have a cultural bias.

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