Exposed body parts?

Why always in english countries, there is no shame? Women, girls wear short shirts,skirts,tops? The remaining body remains exposed. Why isnt there shy in females for this?

Answer #1

y2jericho Do you know that for sure? Where is your research? Prove it. Your wrong, most rapes are actually extremely young children or older or middle aged ladies.

Rape has NOTHING to do with how a woman dresses and everything to do with the sick person that does the crime.

Answer #2

Yaaawn…Rapes happen because people have problems controlling themselves. So how would you explain child rape? Because the 4 yr old was wearing something revealing NO!!! …it’s because there are sick people out there who need help.

Answer #3

But keep in mind, rapes all around happen just bcoz girl sex! And that sex appear from Xpozd body parts. Bcoz people watch those parts & they become uncontrolable and they do so! The conclusion and moral is just that girls should be packed fully,well dressd unexposd(u wil see, rapes quantity will degrade).

Answer #4

U are really obsesd with rape arnt you Y2J you did know anyone can get raped if there in the wrong place at the wrong time not if its that you only expose yourself

Answer #5

Hey girls! If you dont feel ashamed infront of human, then why dont you take off your TOTAL clothes and be naked. (Becoz you DONT FEEL SHY).

Answer #6

You think rape is about sex? Rape isnt about sex, it is about power… And I see this as a male problem then, if they are uncomfortable with seeing women, maybe they should stay at home…

Answer #7

Ooooh the shame of it all…how do I control myself?? Someone stop me!!!

Get a grip…!!!

When I go to the beach, do I feel the urge to rape everyone I see…?? I think not.

Answer #8

because some girls thinks it cool and that it will attract all the boys and because theyre all stupid little sluts!!!

Answer #9

y2jericho Because it’s illegal to do so in public. If it weren’t I would gladly run around naked. I dont see a problem with nudity at all. Our society has made it taboo and bad, which it is not. It’s the human body and it’s beautiful. Me and my fiance are always nakes in our home. We even have naked days where we dont wear clothes all day. It doesn’t mean that were running around hacing sex all day either though, were just comfortable with who we are the way we look.

Answer #10

y2jericho That is not the reason why women get raped. People who rape other people have psychological problems that stem from other things. It has nothing to do with how a woman dresses. In fact, if you look at most of the rape victims, they were very conservitively dressed all the time. How do you explain the people who rape children? Their not dressed like sluts. What about the old ladies that get raped? Your information is wrong.

Answer #11

Its the norm for us brits even the groteschly overweight where practically nothing GROSS

Answer #12

Maybe its because of the society. Over here its because girls want to attract guys to look in that area.

Answer #13

Sometimes just for attention

Answer #14

Why it isnt reason to be ashamed? Do you know many girls are being raped becoz of just these exposed body parts.U know y? Bcoz they produce sex in male and he becomes uncontrolable and he then, does rape to the girl.Its just bcoz of being EXPOSD infront of people showing no shame!

Answer #15

I live in esse renound for sleeping around and about 99% of sexually active girls are slags quite a few are only 12 years old my younger sisters friend has just turned 12 and is NO longer a virgin

Answer #16

penguin1818 Wow why the hostility, I myself wear low cut shirts occasionaly, or shirt skirts, that in no way means that I am a slut. I’m engaged with a son, and sometimes a woman just wants to feel good and feel sexy.

Answer #17

Because the human body is not something to be embaressed of. It’s not something that you should feel ashamed of showing.

Answer #18

exactly! ^^ When you go to the beach, you dont get raped for swimming in a Bikini, well.. I don’t anyway.. and if we were all born naked then that means we werent supposed to wear clothes.

Answer #19

When I was 15 I had a boyfriend who raped me. He did not rape me because of the way I dressed, he raped me because he was a selfish bastard who only cared about what he wanted. Rape is not about sex, it is about power. Anyone that thinks a man can’t control his “urges” because he sees a woman’s belly exposed needs some major psychological help.

Rapists are selfish, power hungry, violent, animals. Men however control their “urges” every day of their life, they know that in the world we live in you can’t just take what you want. Maybe that is something that you need to learn.

Answer #20

y2jericho Our society has made it that way though. The human body is not something that should be ashamed off at all. Think about it, in other cultures, me and women rarely wear clothes or next to none and they dont have problems with rapes. Our society makes people feel ashamed to be naked or to look at other people naked, which puts a taboo on it. Without that taboo, people would not be so obsessed with it.

Answer #21

lol, any one who claims rapists rape because they cant control their urges obviously has serious issues (and is probably someone I’d want to stay very far away from). Obviously you come from a culture that blames women for everything in a way to control and subjugate them, and really I suppose you cant be blamed for thinking the way you do…

Answer #22

But mostly young ones are raped!

Answer #23

“The question is, Why do we wear clothes to begin with? If everyone was naked…there would be no shame…”


Answer #24

The question is, Why do we wear clothes to begin with? If everyone was naked…there would be no shame…

Answer #25

because it’s against the law, if you have a problem with it why dont you stay at home?

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