What are some english quirks and customs?

I might be moving to England in a year, and was just wondering if anybody could share with me experiences of living/traveling in England or some traditions, phrases that I won’t be used to etc. I’ve only ever lived in New Zealand and I’m also worried about what to bring with me (as far as furniture… cutlery… etc goes) so just any help whatsoever would be appreciated!

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each city/town is different so it really depends on what part of the country youll be moving to… do you know?

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Going to the pubs in the morning (The Pom’s pubs open in the morning for drinking, very quirk and strange instead) and patrons can leave the pub at 10pm and finding outside is still bright as day over there. Pretty awsome quirkness if you ask me. :)

Answer #3

Oh by the way, why would you want to move and live forever in England? Their living standard is very high, their wages are appalling unless you work in the finance field (not at the moment thou) or have a awesome career, it would be a struggle to make ends meet, let alone live a really comfortable lifestyle where you can spend money, go overseas for holidays……I know 3 work colleagues who left the UK for a better affording lifestyle in Oz. One girl was a head waitress at a posh restaurant and was paid approximately $7.50 pound which is a lot over there but jack all over here. :) Sorry, just my two cents worth….You are better to find work in Oz, we desperately need more qualified hairdressers and hot tradesmen, except if you have a criminal conviction, and it’s rather hard to get in thou as immigration is pretty strict.

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Thanks for the info. :) I’m not wanting to move there permanently. I just want an adventure and a friend of mine is originally from England- She suggested we both go over and live there for a year as a sort of OE/adventure/trip. It’s not 100% perfect (I would rather go to India or Africa…) But I don’t want to pass up an opportunity to travel as travel is what I want to do haha. It will also give me something to save for and look forward to next year. Is that a dumb excuse? cringe

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No, I don’t know yet :/ Thanks anyway :)

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LOL, nope, perfectly well thought out plan :) Working visa would be a good one to consider, you can work, travel and earn some money along the way. My boyfriend, I, and another couple were planing to go to UK to do our backpacking but none of us could apply for annual leave for more then a 3 months (without pay) as you cannot really travel around UK within

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Damn, hit the submit button too soon :( …..you cannot really explore UK thoroughly on a 1 or 2 months holiday…. Hey, just wanted to know, is N.Z ok for driving motorised campervan around during April or May and is it safe eg: getting mugged, or getting bashed up? My fella and I are thinking of going to NZ etc for 2 weeks next year. The airfare to and return is only $540 what a bargain.

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Yeah I need to look into a visa. My friend has an English passport so she’s okay but I need to do some research haha. For you- It depends what part of NZ you go to. Most parts are harmless though some small towns don’t like campervanners and they might play tricks on you (like putting bread on the top of your camper-van so the seagulls wake you up scratching and shreiking at 5am haha). That stuff is harmless and probably won’t happen but I have heard of it. I live around Auckland and it’s totally safe north of Auckland but South Auckland is a bit questionable. I guess with all countries there will be parts that are a bit dodgey but NZ overall is pretty casual. I mean, if you leave your wallet at a bus stop it will definitely be gone 2 minutes later, but nobody will intentionally mug you unless you hang around dark alleyways at night haha. I don’t know much about the south island though. Wow $540 is pretty good for return :) sweet as!

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Hmm… I’ve lived in England my entire life and am English so I’ll just put what is normal to me as I’ve nothing to compare it to! xD I’ve found that English people don’t take things very seriously, I know a serious trait varies from one person to another but I have never met an English person who takes things very seriously. We like a lot of humour too O.o :) ‘English people have an amazing ability to let people off a train whilst at all time moving foward’ xD Going to pubs. The football is always on in the pub TV. Eating English meals of course :) And I’ll see if there’s anymore ps, we like tea mainly in mugs, not our bet china :) Mugs :)

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