What is the difference between UK and England?

Apparently, they are not the same. I’ve always thought they are. :S Are British and English different too?

Answer #1

the united kingdom has a total of 4 countries.. england, scotland, wales and northern ireland… im british cus i was born in england so cus i was born in england that makes me british.. the scotish, wels and northern irish are also british but the scots are scotish, the welsh are welsh and the northern irish are northern irish… hope that didnt confuse u more ze lol

Answer #2

hold on thats confusing me now haha

Answer #3

thanks matt!

So, for the lack of a better term, UK is like the mother country and like, england, scotland, wales, and northern ireland are like its little countries?

does this mean that scottish, welsh, and irish are all British as well? and that only people from england are english?

I always thought that people from UK are English :S

Answer #4

yup, the 4 countries in the uk all make up the uk.. all ppl from the 4 countries are all british and yes the english are ppl just from england :) most forms you have to fill out over here go something like this: when asked for nationality some will say ‘british white - british asian etc etc’ and some will say ‘british english - british scotland - british welsh etc etc’.. ive even seen a few with ‘british other’ lol

Answer #5

Ok :-) i get it now. mannn, i never knew there was a difference! thanks for clarifying matt!

So, If I see a UK flag, i’ll think British, not English :-)

Answer #6

no probs :) yes theres a total of 5 flags associated with the uk lmao the english flag is white background with a red cross… the scotish flag is blue background with a white cross (diagonal) the welsh flag is a green and white background with a red dragon the northern irish flag is pretty much teh same as the english except it has a white star in the middle of teh cross and a crown on top of the star and then theres the 1 flag that acks for them all which is the union jack which is a red cross with bits of blue and red between teh cross phew lol

Answer #7

mannn, that’s a lot of flags! haha im familiar only to the union jack though. :-)

Answer #8

At its peak Britain Controlled 1/4 of the earths Land Mass. Now there are the four Mentioned plus fourteen Oversea’s territories including Bermuda, jamaica, and the Cayman and Faulkland Islands.

Answer #9

thats the empire not the difference between uk and england

Answer #10

UK is the United Kingdom..its like the United States..just that they have 4 Kingdoms not countries because the UK is a country itself..they have England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that still to this day the Irish dont like that idea…also Great Britain is the mainland where England, Scotland and Wales is… Northern Ireland is the Irish island

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