When eating out, what's more important to you…the way the food looks or tastes?

I only care about the taste. It doesn’t have to be plated fancy or handed to me on a silver platter. Food is food. What about you?

Answer #1

The way the food tastes, usually to me food that looks fancy generally doesn’t taste good. Also the main reason why I don’t eat from Applebee’s :)

Answer #2

1 Taste, 2 smell.. if necessary looks. lol

Answer #3

1.)Tastes 2.)Looks 3.)Smells =D yummy yum yum! XD

Answer #4

if it doesnt look good i aint gonna eat it :) When i went to Montreal all the food looked sooooo good and it tasted amazing.. i have higher standards now lol

Answer #5

If it tastes good ill still eat it. If it looks good, ill still eat it. It doesn’t matter to me. Like you said, food is food. Weather it fills you up or not would be another question lol

Answer #6

I always go by don’t judge a book by it’s cover but I did that and ended up having a horrible asthma attack from eating something I’m allergic to.

Answer #7

I find both points are equally important. If my food looks disgusting, I won’t even want to attempt eating it. If it tastes awful, I won’t finish it either.

If I had to pick one of the two I’d say the taste is most important, but again, the way it looks often has an impact on my decision to try what I’m being given. xD

Answer #8
  1. Looks( if my eyes wont eat it neither will my mouth!)
  2. Smells(if it smells funky it aint entering the tunnel!)
  3. Tastes(If it tastes funky it’s coming right out to the napkin!)

That is usually why I tend to get things that are basic & that cant go wrong! :P

Answer #9

taste because if it taste like vomit it’s not going in my stomach lmfaooo.

Answer #10

well, presentation isnt everything, but i like it to look appeling.

Answer #11

I’ve never eaten there before lol..

Answer #12

If it smells okay, I’ll try it. Only reason I can’t stand eggs. After that, it’s all taste.

Answer #13

Taste is important offcourse.

Answer #14

I have to agree with everything you said. Another thing that ALWAYS gets me is the texture of food. I can LOVE the taste, but if the texture is weird, my body physically will NOT let me eat it. Like Onions. I love the flavor they add to food, but if I get a piece in my mouth and I can feel it in there and if it’s crunchy, it will be almost an instant vomit. lol…it’s weird.

Answer #15

I know what you mean…i have the same thing with fat in my food…I simply cant eat things with fat in it like if its chicken/beef or stuff like that & there is like fat on it that wasnt cleaned off prior to cooking, I will not touch it. It simply makes me wanna puke too.

Some foods like raw pepper(vegi of course) is fine I enjoy eating it, but the sec it is mixed with food like in a mixed vegi combo that’s it…cant eat it…it will cause me really bad nausea. (same with warm tomatoes & such…) Weakness for tomatoes..but once it is warm like in a grilled cheese sandwich or once upon a time in a hamburger…i would take it out… cant help it cant hv certain foods/vegi’s :P

Answer #16

me either…I hv been to Boulder Creek(not too shabby), Tgi Fridays(horrible in my opinion) Outbacks(my fav) Columbus( is also ok) :P

Answer #17

How it tastes. Wont matter how perty it looks, I’m there to eat not to see an art show.

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