Is it unhealthy to eat fruit with salt or sugar?

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anything with lots of salt or sugar is bad. But you can still eat it, just dont use alot all the time :)

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It's not something bad you just have to put the right amoumts on it, too mich sugar can be bad for you, but not if you use it right.

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its not bad but it is not healthy neither

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It's much healthier to just eat the fruit by itself but if you must eat fruit with salt or sugar then i suggest you eat a fruit that contains antioxidants because they tend to cancel out your sugar intake.

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It depends on how much salt or sugar you put on it. Yes, Sugar and salt are bad for you, and you shouldn't eat it everyday, but it you only use say 1/2 or 1 spoons of sugar every day or every other day should be alright.
However, you should try eatting just the fruit so you get all of the value :)
Hope this helped !

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This isn't bad, just really unhealthy if you make it a habit and do it very often. A little sugar or salt here and there won't kill ya, but eating large amounts frequently, would have an affect on your health

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I've found that fruits are essential to eat in the morning because when you sleep, your glycogen levels go down. Eating a piece of fruit alongside with some oatmeal or eggs with protein shake is an excellent way to replenish the depleted protein, carbs, and glycogen your body needs to start the day.

Fruits and sugary things are also good to consume 20 minutes before a workout because the sugar doesn't stay in the body. You burn it all off while you work out. It's also safe to consume them up to 2 hours after a workout because, once again, the body needs to restore its nutrients after an intense workout.

Eating a lot of salt is dangerous. Salt dehydrates the body and too much of it, can leave you very thirsty. Also, salt raises the blood pressure, which is bad since most people eat varying amounts of salt in a day, causing the blood pressure to fluctuate.

one of this stuff is bad, but it's best to follow these guidelines and eat in moderation to a healthy diet. Also, watch out for sugars with sucrose, that is very bad sugar and if you're trying to lose weight, you don't want that kind of sugar.

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