Do you think it would be easier for someone to see a therapist if they didn't have to actually physically see them?

You know kinda the way FA works, would more people get help that they need

Answer #1

I don’t think so… It wouldn’t really be seeing them. I like it better that I can talk face to face, I feel more connected. It’s just not the same.

Answer #2

actually it depends on the person, some people like talking to people they’re close to which is why some people feel more comfortable talking to a loved one rather than a therapist, some people like talking to strangers such as a therapist so others don’t change their opinions on them from their issues or something and then there’s the some people who would rather talk to the people they’d most likely never have to face. so basically some people would get more help that way and some wouldn’t. i hope this helps! :)

Answer #3

How bout if it were more set up like confession at church? Ya know just like a screen between you and the therapist? I know u said face to face, just wondering. Thx or ur answer

Answer #4

Nice answer thx :-)

Answer #5

No. Therapy is not about getting advice, like you do on funadvice. It is about the relationship with the person. And no matter how much people think they form close relationships online, it is not the same thing, and there is still a level of the unknown. You don’t really know what this person does with their time, who they really are. You just know what they want to portray. Also, I think the group which miss out the most in getting help is kids (basically under 18s). And having online therapists is not going to change that. As for adults, if they’re not willing to commit their time and money to go and seek help, I have to wonder how committed they are to getting help and to change.

Answer #6

no problem! :)

Answer #7

What if it weren’t like really online, but more like a confession type setting? What are your thoughts on that?

Answer #8

I think it may feel easier for some people, but that it is better help-wise if the people actually go in to physically see a therapist. The reason for that being is because there are parts of physical communication that are important for the helper to help, all of which do not come across in text-speaking. Body language and being able to see and hear how a client responds helps the therapist help and understand their clients comfort level, which areas seem to trouble the person a lot, etc. A helping relationship can be somewhat verbal, but the rest is equally important.

Answer #9

Thx, that’s a good answer

Answer #10

I still wouldn’t feel as connected. But that’s just me.

Answer #11

Its hard to say since there are SO many different reasons and severities as to why people seek therapy.

I think if the person being talked to is an actual therapist and knows what they are doing - it could work in individuals who only have minor problems and aren’t a threat to themselves or others also.

It could never replace a true therapist/patient in person treatment though. In order to really get help and be able to open up truthfully you must really trust your therapist and almost form a bond with them. Without ever seeing them in person and forming that real human connection - complete trustand a true therapist/patient relationship will never be reached.

I will ask advice on funadvice from others and consider the answers given, however, i wouldn’t base my mental health on the members here.

Answer #12

That’s fine to feel the way u do, I’m just cn wat ppl opinions are, thx again

Answer #13

I will be honest with you sis…you need to do what you feel is right & comfortable for you…I was really depressed after my div & then after my last relationship & all through my life things built up inside of me til I wasnt able to even hear someone speak w/o literally having my life surface up & get that chocking feeling in my throat til I busted out in tears like no tomorrow! Everything comment, every subject…would just remind me of my past til I decided that I wasnt going to allow my past to constantly hold me back from living, because at that time, I really wasnt living. I was merely surviving another day. Another week, another month and another year…constant pain emotional, physical & spiritual pain…You know it got to a point where I really felt psychosomatic…I was having real symptoms of constant pain…and it just wouldnt go away…I spoke to my neighbor & she said she was seeing someone professionally & he also had other programs he offered…one on one sessions, on the couch sessions(which wasnt on the couch or with just him) and group sessions. the one on one was reg man vs therapist sessions…I went to 2 of them & he said I didnt need one on one sessions…so I tried a few on the couch sessions, those were formed like a group, of about 6 people, we started up with a check in and I found myself to chocked up to speak…of course w/o crying my eyes out. when it came to us on the couch, meaning we all formed a long line of us sitting near one another while the therapist spoke to one person that wanted to talk…we all had to give our opinions on what was wrong & how to change things. Of course from time to time people changed…and you could nev feel comfortable to actually talk about things on your heart. I went to 2 as well & said ah, not for me…stopped going. After a few months, I started feeling even more depressed…I wanted to do something with myself enough to make a difference..but how could I if I couldnt help myself first? So, I asked my neighbor again for his number…and she told me he was starting a new class. It was about self improvement…and that was all I knew…I called him up reminded him of whom I was & he remembered me…was glad I called & said I only missed a briefing a week earlier & that I could come for a session if I wanted to. I took a leap of faith & took the plunge! It was the best thing I ever did for myself…I didnt need therapy…not a one on one…there was nothing wrong with me…nev a danger to myself at this point in time…but I decided to stop being the victim…In that class I learned a lot also through other people’s work…I have tried to offer a few tips here & there on the site…not sure how many people took what I said seriously…but they help…they helped me…deal with a lot of my anger…a lot of my hate…a lot of my fear…enough to be able to sit here & be confident enough to share my stories with others on here…You know what I am talking about…I gained my life back…I got the b!tch back…I no longer feel like I need love, companionship or acceptance from others to feel whole again…I just need to love me for me…those that dont…tough for them! Those that do…much appreciated…but I am not going to allow others or my past turn me into the victim anymore…Sure we all have our good & bad days…but I know & understand how to control that thanks to the sessions…it’s been a long time since I have been able to really smile, laugh & enjoy life again…So yeah I highly recommend doing something…doing anything but keeping it bottled up inside of you. I was a POW(meaning a prisoner of words) I no longer am…and neither should you or anyone else on here! Talk to someone, anyone you feel comfortable with…me or anyone else…just do it because you are so worth it & you will feel like the bricks have finally gotten off your chest…free to breathe, live & be happy! :) Hope this has helped you & anyone else reading my story…that is what I am here for…to share my story with all of you, so you can see there is life after depression. :)

Answer #14

I don’t think it could replace traditional therapy. Therapy, with all it’s different looks, needs a couple of things. Such as a connection between people. Which is hard to develop when you’re shut off from the person. And honestly, the hiding of oneself really is something I would work on if a person felt they needed to do that. However, you asked a very specific question. You asked about therapy being conducted that way. I think this would be a different form of help. Confessions have been around for centuries. They help people. Drum circles work in certain cultures. Going to a committee of elders for advice works in some cultures. I don’t knock any type of alternative treatments. But it wouldn’t be considered traditional talk therapy. And honestly, I think that is something someone would need to work on if it was so bad they couldn’t even be in front of the therapist. You know what though, to someone who was hesitant to go in for that reason, I would remind them that what they see on TV is nothing like real life therapy. First of all, the client decides how much they disclose and when. So if they go sit through a session and never really discuss anything substantive that’s fine. And if they don’t want to go back, that’s also fine. The bearing of one’s soul very rarely happens in the first session. Therapists are well aware that they are strangers and that a person is unlikely to bear their soul to a stranger in one meeting. Like any relationship, it takes time to trust and disclosure happens slowly. You don’t tell a person you just met all your inner most secrets. Same thing. You also can decide how much you want to tell the therapist and what subjects you want and you don’t want to discuss.

Answer #15

Thx so much

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