How much does cartilage piercings hurt?

I have my ears pierced but I was almost like 6 months old but this time I’m getting it in my cartilage and how much it hurts and what do you clean them out with?

Answer #1

I have three cartilage piercings and I didn’t think that they hurt at all, and I am a real wimp. They just felt like a pinch. However, they were sore for a couple of weeks. I do suggest that you try to get it done with a needle, because it seems to hurt less.

Answer #2

the piercing it self doesnt hurt…its after its done..trying to sleep on it or if something hits it ..but it feels better in about 2 weeks or so..over all its not that bad.

Answer #3

did u already get it done? cuz when i got mine done it was still sore for about 2 months. i ended up takin it out. but i was surprised bcuz i got my belly button n tongue done and they didnt hurt at all.

Answer #4

well i dont really think it hurts… i pierce my ears all the time. and i have a sister who got her belly-button pierced and said it didnt hurt.. she also secretly got her tounge pierced to…lolzzz

Answer #5

Anti-bacterial Soap & There is also a Product called A Lotion called H2o Hydro… It can be bought @ a piercing or tattoo shop.

Answer #6

Hey there im 13 and im having mine done but im really scared it will hurt I think im having it dont in blackpool but I was going to get it done in my town but I dont no because im really SCARED :S x

Answer #7

I got mine pierced years ago with a piercing gun & it didnt hurt at all. it felt just like getting the lower ear pierced.. the only thing was that it took 10x longer to heal & it hurt like crazy to touch it or when I took it out & out it back in at the wrong angle.. but I would get it again it wasnt bad at all

Answer #8

I had my industrial done in January and it took about 6 months until i could comfortably even sleep on it. My piercer is awesome. He actually had me lay down for it, that way it wasnt dangling while he threaded the jewelry in. I layed on the table looking to my right. after he marked and measured my ear he did the bottom hole first. i have never felt pain like that in my life. honestly. it almost made my eyes water. i could feel the warmth of the blood pooling in my ear. at that point i asked to see it. he was hesitant but i told him if i didnt like it this far, he wasnt doing the 2nd hole. he reluctantly handed me the mirror and in an instant i was in love. i clutched the sides of the table i was laying on and took a deep breath. the top hole wsnt as bad maybe because there wasnt as much meat to go through but damn. still hurt. he screwed the end bead on, cleaned me up and sent me on my way. his aftercare was simple.. just hot water on a q-tip and roll it.. dont poke at it.. just roll the drainage and dried nasty away. it does easily get caught in hair and i think the biggest thing i had to get used to was not putting my hair behind my ear so much. the piercing hurt like a mother fucker and the healing was slow.. but i love it. its a pretty hard core piercing b/c if you knock one end of it.. you knock the other end too. so be extremely careful and cautious.. espically in the shower. overall it was a good experience b/c my guy knew what he was doing and i feld very at ease.. it hurts. be prepared. but you will love it. :)

Answer #9

i had mine done today and it hurt after but the pains gone a little bit. it’s well worth it too and they do numb your ear for you so you can’t feel much. i was so scared but it didn’t hurt much,truthfully. xoxo

Answer #10

not bad at all. I did mine myself, like 5 mins ago.

Answer #11

I got mine done a month ago it didnt hurt a lot although it did hurt more than a lobe piercing. but I am glad I got it. get it done with a needle not a gun and buy h20cean to clean it

Answer #12

Well, it depends on if your getting them professionally done, with a friend, with a needle, or a piercing gun?? I got my cartilage pierced by a friends mom (who is a professional) with a piercing gun, and it didn’t hurt… The swelling will hurt a little, but not much, and it WILL swell…just because it’s red for a couple weeks and it swells doesn’t mean it’s infected, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s infected and taking it out…just be careful if it’s not being professionally taken care of… Claire’s sells some ear piercing cleaner that works… rubbing alcohol is a cheap antiseptic and it will clean and disinfect it, to avoid infection… also, your supposed to twist it 3 times left and 3 times right, just so that it doesn’t scab over, and it loosens up the hole…

Hope I helped…

P.S. It always helps to have a friend’s hand there to squeeze in case you don’t like pain

Answer #13

I had my cartilage piercings done 9 days ago, and I was petrified lol! seriously, did not hurt at all. and I havent experienced any problems yet. I had my done with a needle which scared me but they said it was better as with a gun there is a possibility of your cartilige shattering. I also had a ring inserted instead of a stud as it is far more comfortable to sleep on than a stud.

I found mine COMPLETELY bearable and I am SO glad I had mine done, but everyone has different pain thresh-holds, and I suppose it kinda depends how high up you have it done. but I have a very low pain thresh-hold and I had it doen mid-way up my ear.

hope this essay helps:) lol x

Answer #14

I got the top of my ear pierced in the end of december and it got infected. I am not taking it out but just be sure that you take good care of it or it will hurt more than it does when you get it pierced. I got mine done with the needle and it didnt really hurt. if it does get infected dont take it out. just clean it better and/or more often. trust me, the annoying cleaning often does help more than you think.

Answer #15

well, it doesn’t hurt a lot . . I got mine done like a year and a half agoo , but I do suggest to get it on the side that you don’t sleep on bcause if you do, you’ll have to sleep on the side that you’re not used to sleeping on for like 3-4 months and wile you’re sleeping , you might turn over to the other side that you have your piercing on and it’ll HURT MUCHOO ( alott ) hope I helped , good luckk :D

Answer #16

well, it doesn’t hurt a lot . . I got mine done like a year and a half agoo , but I do suggest to get it on the side that you don’t sleep on bcause if you do, you’ll have to sleep on the side that you’re not used to sleeping on for like 3-4 months and wile you’re sleeping , you might turn over to the other side that you have your piercing on and it’ll HURT MUCHOO ( alott ), ANYWAYS :) over all , it doesn’t hurt a lot , HONESTLYY ! ! ! ! hope I helped , good luckk :D

Answer #17

Cartilage piercings can hurt, but thats just the metal going through your body (which should hurt) some people think/say they are the piercings that hurt the MOST. But I personally think that getting your cartilage done hurts less than your actual lobe. The afterwards healing part hurts more, although. I pierced my cartlige by myself, and it wasnt all that bad. The only thing that might freak some people out though, is the small POP! noise that happens when you go through the actual cartilage. But you should be fine other than that! (: P.s. do not get it done with a gun! (it will shatter the cartilage) …which Claires does. Yikes!

Answer #18

They don’t hurt that bad. I have six piercings in one ear, most of them I did myself, but I got my cartilage done at Claire’s with a piercing gun. It didn’t hurt all that bad, until the whole back part of the piercing gun got stuck to my ear, haha. Other than that it was only sore when I hit it accidentally, which I did a lot. At the moment, I’m about to pierce it again because I really want an industrial! Good luck (:

Answer #19

it depends on your pain tolerance. and don’t do it little by little, do it fast and get it over with and you won’t even feel it.

Answer #20

It depends…are you a real baby when it comes to getting needles? If you can’t stand a needle to your arm a cartilage for you will probably hurt 10 times as much. If not you should be able to handle the pain. I got mine done a month, and a half ago. It still hurts as long as I don’t touch it or hit it. Although I am really careful in gym class, and aware to make sure nothing hits it.

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