What does it feel like to be addicted to drugs?

my best friend, went to rehab this summer for a month only. we both go to the same boarding school but NO1 knows about her going to rehab apart from me and the school hospital.she has many drug tests, but she struggles so much to not relapse. she will get kicked out if she relapses in cocaine. I dont know what drug addiction to cocaine is like, but she is addicted to coke and is literally ripping her hair out.I dont know what to do or say to help her…can you help me? tell me exactly what it feels like to be addicted and the feeling when you cant get the drug…

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It’s not a physical addiction, but a mental one. Which sometimes seems like a physical need. Depending on her level of addiction it’s very hard to stop and stay stopped. We have to have the desire to. We tend to be very selfish, hurting our loved ones and not caring about anything else. It’s sad when a lady get addicted especially to cocaine , meth or heroin. The abuseby others and things one will do for the drug alomost at any cost.

I think the only way is some tough ‘love’, don’t lend her any money, tell her how much you care, do not give up on her!

If you belieive in God, then pray , call prayer lines, talk and pray with people that are strong in faith. Beleive, faith is key. She may have to go ‘through it’ for a while. Just don’t give up on her.

Give her support. She has already taken a step to change. Sometime the following steps can be just as hard. We can get through it… BUT WE HAVE TO WANT TO…!!! So importat! To want to. Keeping ones eyes on what is ahead and not what was behind.

Yes I am going ‘through it’ also, so as much as I write to you and talk to myself also.

Hope this helps

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being addicted is something thats hard to explain. all you can think about is “gotta have it” and the want is so desireable you’ll do anything to get it. Its like having to pee really really bad and then the ahhh when you finally go. Ok its way worse than that, but thats the best I can come up with. her body will go through withdraw. there really isn’t much you can do for your friend. thats what rehab is for. my husband is a recovering coke addict. all i could ever tell him is to buck up, be a man, and deal with it like normal people do and stop being such an puzzy (this is stupid they ban that. I’m 27 freakin years old I can say that if I want) that runs and hides from his problems. (thank god i haven’t had to say that in years), but you need to understand that rehab isn’t a fairytale world that when everyone comes out they are “all better” and are never going to do it again. My husband use to say that all rehab is is a place where you learn how to hide it better. Just be a supportave friend. You already are by asking for help. But if she slips up, dont “ignore and not talk to her”. thats the worse you can do, just another person giving up on her.

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brazillian diet pills? Give me a break!…I learned in my NA class that heroin, meth, and cocaine are the hardest drugs to quit especially for females. I was 18 when I started smoking weed, two months after that I started snorting cocaine, but for me the high wasn’t nearly enough, so I started smoking meth. I would tell my mom I would be home for dinner and I wouldn’t come back for two weeks. I hid out at “crack houses” as people call them. Since I’m a girl and I wore slutty clothing I usually got the sh for free (we called meth Sh…kinda like code name…anyways) I would smoke theres and leave before they tried to get me to sleep with them…sometimes if I liked the guy I would though, cheating on my fiance’ at the time. I would stay up for weeks at a time trying shrooms, LOTS of E (enough to have a stroke, lets just put it that way),acid, heroin (which isn’t nearly as good as meth), and a little pot from time to time…I eventually lost about 50-60 pounds…and my job, fiance’, apartment…and I’ went crazy…punching out my windsheild to my car…trying to stab myself and my mom…went totally nuts…and I didn’t want anybodys help! You have to want to change or no one can help you. I eventually moved from my hometown, 2 hours south to sacramento and I’ went through NA (narcotics anony…) anyways, and I got clean…but let me tell you a little secret…remember my first sentance…it being the hardest for females to quit…yeah well…after ALL that…I still from time to time go on a 2 week run as I call it…smoking meth here or there…I have a problem with self image even though I don’t look like I do…On the outside I seem pretty and smart, but on the inside I’m screaming because I can’t quit…it’s fu**ing hard to…show her support and that you care and don’t give her money (even though she might be able to get it for free) but also…don’t smuther her! She’ll just get annoyed with you and not want you around at all…trying to help an addicted person is almost as hard as the addicted person trying to quit the drug. When your addicted it feels like nothing in the world is more important and you’ll do anything from selling your moms rings to stealing, just to get it. You don’t care what people think and the more they try to help the more mad you get at them. The drug becomes your world and your world becomes the drug, just because that drug makes you feel invinsable and like you can do anything.

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I was on coc for a while and its pretty tough. its always going to be on your friends mind, which will make it really hard for her not to relapse. it literally never goes away fully, but if she really wants to stop, then she can, but it will be very hard. one thing I suggest you do to help her is take a video of her while shes on coc when she looks really stupid and drugged out. not funny stupid, scary stupid. I once saw a video of myself drugged out and it is like stuck in my head and it really helps a lot.

and the feeling of not having it is the worst. coc controls your life when you are addicted. its all you can concentrate on.

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Dear torimate, Yes, coke is physically addictive…Not only does she mentally want the feeling the drug brings but the body does crave it as well. The physical is translated as the need to increase the quantity of the drug and need to keep the brains reward center satisfied. Making this one of the most difficult drug addiction to treat. So unless she is getting some on going counselling she may relapse quickly. Cognitive reconstructing is changing the way we think…this is the type of therapy she needs. Sue…good luck

Answer #6

it feels like the drug is some kind of person you are in a bittersweet relationship with its like you are lost without it but youre being torn apart when you are doing it

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i am addictted to brazilian diet pills worst than coke or e

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