What do I do about my drug addiction?

I am a weekend drug user aloth I wouldnt say I was adicted I cant go out at the weekend without takin cocaine etc and base to have a good time I say to myself I wont take it again but the weekend comes along and I get offerd and cant rezist despite how I feel until mid week I have noticed changes in my atitude I used to be quite a cowered but nw I am quite an agressive person and its nt nice atall im constantly fighting getting into touble at the weekend but then by the week I have a full time job as a secretary in a hospital I must admit im a grumpy b**ch but its like jekle and hyde help what do I do this has gone far enough

Answer #1

A state of addiction is reached when people habitually or obsessively surrender themselves to a substance or behavior. A person with an addiction uses a substance or behavior to escape from pain or reality. Yet by the nature of addiction, they only hurt themselves or others, and continue to deepen their addiction - Don’t be in DENIAL.

Answer #2

I agree with them. also your an adult, you should know better than to do that. Do you think someone would want to like date you if they knew you did that? you should go to rehab.

Answer #3

Yes you have a problem with this…It’s good you are seeing it…get professional help asap…as with any addiction and it is one , if you can’t stop it…you need to change your patterns…like a smoker has to change habits if they want to quit…don’t do the things you always do…instead of going out with those friends…go to a library or church or…something that is totally different…you need to train your brain to do something different…good luck

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