Why are there driver's seats on the right side of the car?

What’s the story behind this?

Answer #1

Because oppsite side of traffic drives off to the left in places that have drivers on the right? That’s my take on it.

Answer #2

It would look silly putting a half-bench seat (you can’t fit a full one, after all) beside the driver’s seat, don’t you think?

Answer #3

Cars from Europe the ones with the driver seat on the right, while the North American cars are made with the driver’s seat built in on the left side.

Answer #4

In general cars in Europe have the driver’s seat on the left side and drive on the right. Most of the world drives on the right side of the road while UK, Australia, India, South Africa, Japan and a handful of other countries drive on the left. The story behind this is that originally all drivers drove on the left side of the road going all the way back to Roman chariots. Over time most places have changed to driving on the right side of the road though there are still several places in the world that haven’t.

Answer #5

so the driver gets hit instead of the passanger and is more responsible for his or her driveing

Answer #6

because there aredifferent cars in diffewrent countries. i guess some, somewhere thought it would be easier to drive with the drivers seat on the right side of the car.

Answer #7

The driver seat should be in the middle of the road.

So if you drive on the left (UK, Malta, Australia, Japan, South Africa, India and others) you have the driver on the right side.

If you drive on the right (Continental Europe, USA, Canada, most of south America, most of Asia, most of Africa) you have the driver seat on the left side.

I once went to UK (left side traffic) with a continental European car (made for right side traffic). You can’t overtake any car on a normal road, because you can’t see beyond the slower car that you want to overtake. Even on motorways, switching lanes is weird, because you have the slow lane on the drivers side and the fast lane (where you need more attention) on the passenger side. Also, you lack the general overview on intersections if you are on the wrong side.

Answer #8

Continental European cars are just like north American cars.

Answer #9

Wikipedia go to great lengths to explain the right/left hand traffic flow. Originally a treaty, ‘ Geneva Convention of Road Traffic’ was signed, this treaty says that all traffic going in one direction should travel on the same side of the road.

Some countries are on the right and others the left. the right side traffic flow systems have their driving seats on the left, whilst left hand driving systems have their drivers seats on the right. The driver then is on the offside giving better visibility.

You can read more by following this link to Wiki http://funadvice.com/r/157aspoctru

Just as an additional bit of information - there is a country that wanted to switch the driving system, but unable to forecast how this would work, decided that they would try with the lorries first!

Hope this helps

Answer #10

yes this is really good answer I appreciate.

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