Is it better to drive barefoot, or with shoes on?

Answer #1

Def with shoes, cause your foot can become slippery and slide off the pedal. & when I go barefoot I misjudge the pedal cause I don’t have shoes on and I mis the pedal. Plus if cops see you showless you could get a ticket.

Answer #2

Their real strick about that here. I drive better barefoot. They don’t know unless they pull you over.

Answer #3

Then yea if you like it better, just keep a pair of sandals or something in your car to slip on if you ever do get pulled over.

Answer #4

Thanks for the advice. Because I normally just don’t even carry sandals with me. But I will now that you said something.

Answer #5

Its illegal in the US to drive without shoes

Answer #6

I feel like driving without shoes would be gross. God knows what people step in before driving and then your putting your bare foot on that. ew. =/

Answer #7

well it depends. say yu have sandals on. well that would be very dangerous to drive with them on becuase your sandal could get caught. that happened to my sis once and she almost got into and accident. but if you are just wearing regualr shoes, keep em on

Answer #8

With shoes on. It is suggested you wear shoes in any kind of traveling, either when you are driving or on foot. Our feet will be safer in our shoes for there are these small and sharp objects on the road that may injure our feed.

Answer #9

Your welcome

Answer #10

I always drive with shoes simply because I always go out with shoes on. I’d say the traction on the soles would keep your foot on the pedal as opposed to slipping off which could happen with bare feet. I always were heels which everyone tells me is dangerous for some reason :S Though I know you shouldn’t drive with jandels on because they could get caught on the pedal.

Answer #11

Yep … here in Canada too.

Answer #12

i say barefoot, but then again this comes from the girl that forgot to bring a single pair of shoes on vacation recently…

Answer #13

plus if its a used car, few people actually clean the inside of the car and bother with cleaning the rubber pads on the pedals. So their bare feet could have been on there before. Yum. >.<

Answer #14

ok, i drive a car and i ussually just put some shoes on. I recomend u put some shoes on bc first of all it keeps ur feet on the pedal it just depends wht type of shoes they r. I mean it doesnt really matter u can go both ways and there is no difference

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