Does Gerard Way take drugs?

dose gerard way take drugs?

Answer #1

umm probably? he sure looks like it.

Answer #2

He never stopped useing drugs…he has used for a long time…

Answer #3

gerard has taken drugs at the time when he was depressed and an alchoholic. but rumer has it that he had started again this year. but he definatly was clean and sober for 3 years.

Answer #4

NO WAY I know he usted to which is sad but I know he does not take drugs anymore and if you think he does I could care less but mcr is like awsome

Answer #5

NO! He did a long time ago but he got sober in I believe 2004 along with his alcohol addiction, but he is free from drugs and drinking now. Good For Him. :)

Answer #6

He used to. But now he is completaly sober and drug free. Im sorry I dont have a more detailed answer. but I do hope this helps =]

Answer #7

I dont think he does anynore but I think he did use herione at one time sure looks like it but I love his music!!

Answer #8

he use to in 2004. he is clean and sober. he has been for 3 years.

Answer #9

no way gerard does not do drugs I know he usted 2 but not any more

Answer #10

thanks I really wanted to know

Answer #11

he used to he’s been sober since 2004 though

Answer #12

he used 2 but not anymore

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