What can I take or do to help me pass a drug test?

What can I take or do to help me pass a drug test, without having to buy some fancy pill or kit?

Answer #1


You can try just flushing it out of your system with water. Drink loads of it–but not enough to make you sick.

My real advice: don’t do drugs. It’s stupid.

Answer #2

there is many things that people say you can do to pass a drug test but the most common I hear is weight loss pills. the THC hides in your fat cells and pills plus exersize with kill your fat cells really fast but make sure you have about three days before the test to start taking the pills. if you dont have a lot of time, drink drink drink.(water)

Answer #3

Take a baggie with someone else’s pee in it, keep it in your pocket to keep it warm.

Answer #4

Do not take anything, first of all just drink water as much as you can; this could be the best way to detoxify your system which results perspiring and urinating frequently. This will help you to get rid off from being a drug victim. Now a day,there are so many products available there in the market which help you to pass a drug test.There is a saliva drug test,Urine drug test,Blood drug test etc.The products will; help you to pass drug test from these.

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