Does anyone here run track or XC?

Just wondering :D share your track/xc stories?

Answer #1

cool cool, so this is kind of a sucky story but I just want to get the point across to try your hardest. I ran track and XC all 4 years of high school ( I just graduated in 07’) my first 2 years in track I ran a 4;59 mile and a 2;07 half mile, my 5k time was a 18;35… junior year came and I decided that I did have some talent and maybe I should commit a little more. I trained over the summer before senior year for XC and had amazing results, my previous best time was an 18;35 and at conference championsips I ran a 16;58 and took 3rd place. well I saw how much time was knocked off just by running over the summer…well during the winter of senior year I trained with some friends, in the snow/ and at the community center. we did intervals of all sorts. well spring came and so did track. my first race was a half mile, and I ran a 2;00 flat. I was amazed, then I ran the mile and had a time of 4:59. well all in all I trained my as* off. I was all conference in the 4x800 and at sections I ran a 1:56.6 800 meter my first lap was 0:56 and my second lap was 1:00 flat. I qualified for state. I never thought that I would go to state, it was a dream. well state came and I was told to go out as fast as I could first lap and everything I had second lap. well my first lap was a 0:53 and I was feeling on top of the world, nothing could stop me. I was in about 5th place and we all were in a pack. I was in the back. going down the back straightaway of the second lap I got a jolt of energy and I was going to make my move. I slowly started toward the outside of the pack and started moving up. 4th place, 3rd place then bamb…somebody in the group stepped out hit my leg and I fell to the ground…do I get up and finish the race, its not going to matter if I do im in last. well I got up and finished. my dream had been crushed. I dedicated the last year and a half of my life to running, only to get tripped at state.

I just want any beggining runner out there to work hard in the beggining and good results will come at the end. I wish I could do it all over again. I would have started my freshman year instead of my senior year. It might be hard but never give up.

some favorite quotes:

“I dont run a race to see who is the fastest, I run to see who has the most guts”-steve prefontaine R.I.P

“A run begins the moment you forget you are running”-steve prefontaine R.I.P

thanks for your time

Answer #2

The high school I went to had a top shelf track team. The track team was by far the most successful sports team at the school. We were a small school but we had a number of all-state athletes.

Much of our success was because of our inspiring and tireless coach. Two track meets stand out in my memory.

We had a meet and after nearly shutting out the other team we were all loud and roudy. We had the windows down and we were hooting and hollering about being #1. Our coach came on the bus and and shouted for us to shut up. We piped down and we noticed the team we just beat were all hooting and hollering in their bus. Our coach told us that this was the worst track meet he ever saw. He told us the other team was celebrating because they managed to score 20 points and they expected none against us. Our coach told us that the fact the other team is weak is no excuse to sandbag; he pointed out that none of us even came close to setting a personal best. Then he singled out athletes who jogged to easy victories intead of running hard.

The other meet that stands out in my memory was against our toughest competition. Our star distance runner was out because of injury; he was all-state and easily won the 2 and 1 mile race every meet and often managed to score a few points in the 880 and 440 as well.. Without him this was going to be a tough meet. We lost that meet by 2 points and it was the first meet that my team lost in 3.5 years. The whole team sat solumn in the bus when the coach came aboard. He was gushing about how we faught for every single point and that he had never been prouder of a team in his life.

Paradoxically we are often at our best when defeated and at our worst when triumphant.

Answer #3

I don’t know if this would work but maybe before you start your event you should try eating something but nothing too big like a hamburger but maybe eat some beef, goldfish,or sunflower seeds and drink gatorade or water because that’s what some of the others on our track team and me do because that way you kinda feel “energized” if you want to put it that way

Answer #4

Ohh! I run both XC and track! I go to a small high school though..the smallest 2a school in Washington state! My family is full of atheletes though! I run track and XC and play basketball, and my brother plays Football, Baseball, and Basketball! All Varsity, for both of us! :D

Answer #5

yes I run track imma sprinter…this is my 1st yr and im on varsity I do the 400m dash the 4x100, the 4x200 and the 200m dash and next yr the 800m dash and the 4x400m relay

Answer #6

I run xc and track. I run the mile and 2 mile. and about feeling faint, you can try eating pasta the night before. and as for being dehydrated, drink lots of water three days before untill the day of the meet. about an hour to your event only drink a few sips. good luck and have fun. :]

Answer #7

^ yay :D me too!

wow, filletofspam, your coaches were so much nicer then mine are :T hahaha, and your team was so much crazier.

AH, spring track season is starting in 2 weeks.

Answer #8

awesomee! I really hope to make Varsity next year! This is also my first year doing track, I started during Winter Track, and I’m doing spring track, and Cross Country next fall. I’ll probably continue this throughout my high school career. It’s fun, and I definitely need it to keep in in shape.

Answer #9

Hm, I don’t throw, but I’m guessing you would start with the basic technique, like how to actually throw it, and stuff. Go from there, and see if they have a good arm for it. It might be hard if they have less than a month.

Answer #10

it IS fun! :] except I don’t like sprinting :P but running is a lot more fun than I thought it would be when I first started. There are definitely the ‘hard’ days where you feel like you’re going to die, but once you’re done, you feel so much better :]

Answer #11

no problem.

does anyone else get extremely faint and dehydrated before and during they run for a meet? Cause during the indoor meets, I’ve been feeling that way, and after I run I’ll feel sick. Does anyone know what I can do?

Answer #12

I run track I do the 100m, 200m, high jump, long jump, and relays! Actually, the first time I ever did track I was only in the 200m and relays, so one day @ a meet in Bethel we were all playing HOT POTATOE before we started. And my coach tells me and my friend Haley 2 come over here. I though she was just going to pick us 2 like pick up the shock puts or something. But then she told us I want you guys 2 do long jump and we were like WHAT!!? So she entered me and I ended up getting FIRST!!! Then she made me try long jump and I got FIRST in that 2!! And by the end of that day I ended up getting first in high jump and long jump and second in the 100m and 200m I would have gotten first in the 100m but one girl beat me by: 16:04 and I got 16:05!! (seconds)

Answer #13

I run distance, one funny story I have was last year we were at one of our meets and here some of us were waiting to do the discus and I had been ticked off with the principal because she made everybody miserable for the whole year and I felt like gettng back at her and here everybody in my school knew it even my coach, well there was one girl before me and here comes my coach and she told me “okay you can do it just pretend she’s standing out there” so when it was my turn I went out there took a deep breath and went to go throw but I ended up hitting the side gates with a really strong force and here everybody thought it was funny and here the funny part was I scared the guy who calls out the names because the next time I went to throw he took a few steps back just to be on the safe side

Answer #14

I run track

Answer #15

In High School I threw shot and discus as well as occasionally running the 100, quarter, and mile relay.

The only event I ever earned any points for my team in was discus. For a while I had the freshman record for discus and the sophmore record went back and forth between me and another guy a few times.

My junior year I dropped out of track before the first meet because I took a night class at my community college and my senior year I was too busy with music to do track.

Answer #16

I’ve ran track in college and now am thinking about joining the olympic team…just kinding track is gay.

Answer #17

Thanks for the advice about me feeling faint. I’ll definitely try drinking more water and eating something small before I run.

Answer #18

how would you teach someone to throw a discus when it’s their first time doing track and only have less than a month to do so?

Answer #19

I just started running track this yr. im a sprinter, and so far so good! its been FUN!

Answer #20

which events do you do?

Answer #21

Srry I play b-ball and v-ball!!!

Answer #22

100 meter shot put and discus

Answer #23

I do the 800 and the mile.

How bout you guys??

Answer #24

yea I’ll try that thanx

Answer #25

cool! What kind of runner are you? Distance or sprinter?

Answer #26

I do both. I love it

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