Anyone know what to do for a hobby ideas?

Okay well, I just turned 16 and my mom thinks I should getta hobby, but I can’t find anything I like. The football coach doesn’t allow girls, soccer and track require extra time I don’t have. Seriously I might be good at basketball but it bores me, and unfortunately hackey sack isn’t considered hobby yet, so I don’t know what to do. And I’m just not interested in any thing, does anyone know what to do?

Answer #1

A really good hobby is running! I’m in xc and track but you don’t actually need to join those sports, especially xc which takes a lot of time. But just running with a friend after school or over the weekend is great.its a good stress reliever too. Once you do it for awhile you the mileage gets insane!

Answer #2

ok well you could try rockclimbing or filedhocky or hocky or something creative like scrapbooking

Answer #3

Aikido is a great martial art for females, as it doesn’t require brute strength for you to be able to practice it effectively.

Answer #4

hackysack is a sport, theres world championships for I and everything so if you want to do that, feel free a hobby isnt just any sport its also other things like collecting stuff, making collages, painting, sweing, helping out at charities, ect whatever intrests you, that takes up time, is a hobby

Answer #5

How about Tennis . I like it a lot its so fun especially if you play w/ a friend & you dont even have to be a pro I use to volunteer at recreational centers for little kids and teens it was pretty fun too If tennis or volunteering isnt for you then look only under hobbies im sure you’ll find something that suites you.

Answer #6

go racing, find a car, go to a dirt track and go racin, you dont have to race every week

Answer #7

I love to Cheer, but it takes up a lot of time and you said you didn’t have a lot of time

But it’s great if you change you mnd

Answer #8

well I’ve done a lot of sports baseball soccer tennis volleyball softball so I think you might like volleyball it does takes time,and everything elses but if you dont like it then you should try to join a club @ school like spanish club,art club etc

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