Why do some doctors treat chronic pain patients like drug addicts?

I have fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. Oh and i fractured my knee over the summer because my ankles give out on me sometimes when i use the stairs. I have to be honest the last part was kind of my fault i was in a hurry and not being very careful, ops. But i moved to va w\ my mother and in richmond there are very little to know pain management clinics so i am seeing a regular physician. He made some major changes w/ my meds , some good( i take less pills now) but some i cant deal with , i have been taking 4 350mg somas a day for about 5 years now be cause i have horrible muscle spasms in my back. I take 2 after i clean the house and excersise in the morning and 2 at night before bed. He has taken away my daytime dose and given me 60 of them for a month. I onl y take 2 oxycodones a day so for pain in the middle of the day im basicaly screwed. I have started taking 4 somas again in the day and am out early. He is refusing to give me an early refill. I should not have to limit my activities in the daytime like an old person i am only 28. I also take very little meds for my conditions and have never had a problem untill now. Its very frustrating to have a doctor that is treating me this way. What should i do. If anyone lives in this area and knows of a good doctor please email me. Thankyou guys.

Answer #1

You have to try and understand that a lot of people do fake their conditions just so they can get the pills - doctors can’t always differentiate between who needs it, and who wants it. Furthermore, more doctors these days are trying to find other means of coping with pain instead of keeping people drugged up all the time. You should be talking to your doctor about options for pain management instead of just assuming that taking pills is your only solution.

Answer #2

Sadly a lot of people will come to doctors in “chronic pain” to get the pain meds to fill an addiction or sell the pills. Because of some bad apples it makes it hard people who actually NEED the pain meds to get them. Unfortunately I don’t really know a good way to convince the doctor that you actually need them. Maybe see if there is another doctor in the area that is more understanding or get your old doctor to talk to your new one -

Answer #3

I worked in a pharmacy and unfortunately you get so many people who’ll do anything for a pill or a fix that they will fake whatever they have to to get this. Also doctors have certain regulations that they have to comply with and cannot just give out medicine regardless of your condition, they could lose their credibility and their licence. Furthermore it is VERY easy to get addicted to pain pills (I am not saying that you are or implying it) and many doctors keep this in mind and prescribe less medication to try and wean a patient of the strong stuff. Have you told what you told us to your doctor? Maybe he/she has a good reason for not giving you what you need.

Answer #4

Do you really think i have not tried and use other options i use all the other options i can with my budget that i have. I have massages when i can afford them, i do yoga, special excersise, physical therapy is not an option for me right now. Thats funny and alittle insulting to my intelligence that you would assume i havent tried other options.

Answer #5

Thankyou for your response, i figured my old records and mris would be enough but maybe them actualy talking would be a good idea. Thankyou for helping.

Answer #6

Because there obliged to & pain is objective so you can’t just say I’m not treating you I had that pain and it wasn’t that bad.

Answer #7

You have ms and he pain isnt that bad? I dont beleive you.

Answer #8

You have ms and he pain isnt that bad? I dont beleive you.

Answer #9

I know when my mom went from special treatment in Minnesota here doctors here and over there talked a lot back and forth. Its easier to relay the severity of the issue over the phone than it is in a report. reports are rather impersonal and up to the readers interpretation.

Answer #10

Yea movin is a pain in the a$$, especialy when you have a chronic illness. My doctors are going to talk , i saw my new doc today. He was actualy nicer than last time, he said he wasnt denying my refill, he just wanted to see me again to make sure im adjusting ok to the changes. Im still only allowed 2 somas =(, he said if its that bad in the day i can take another oxycodone as long as its not everyday, im hoping when he talks to my other doc he will change it back to my normal dose so i wont have to.

Answer #11

That is so damn typical of doctors these days.They don’t know how the patient feel, but they got their books, saying that “a person should not have this and that, or not more than so and so”. Bad doctors is a worse problem than many people understand. When you need a refill on a prescription, you really feel like a drugaddict, standing there with your hat in your hand, asking about pills. And I know, because I’ve been a drug addict.

To take half of a persons muscle relaxant all of a sudden after 5 years is quite severe! You will be feeling really bad, and almost not be able to do anything.

We have here in Norway a sort of “patients union”, giving people the right to question the doctors credibility, and have your case looked on by other doctors individually. And when this goes on, the patient will get the meds he/she ask for, of course within “normal” standards.

Good luck :)

Answer #12

You are so right. Its a very bad problem, this country so many people are undertreated and left in pain , its realy not fair there so worried about people getting addicted that they would rather leave everyone to suffer. Its sad, my next door neighbor has ovarian cancer and she gets nothing. This place has the worst health care ever. Norway must be nice.they sound like they ttake care of the people that live there. Thankyou for you answer.

Answer #13

The fact that some people are abusing the system, and are getting prescribed medication they don’t use, should have nothing to do with it. It’s not right that the real patients shall suffer because of that. The doctors must take more time to LISTEN to their patients, and not just TALK to them. Doctors these days are more interested in how many patients they can squeeze into one day, instead of taking the time to listen to them.

Besides, how much medication a person need can vary much from person to person, so everyone must be treated individually.

Answer #14

Yeah, well. Norway got very high taxes, but if you get sick and cannot work, you’ll get a steady income, a place to live, and you get to live like everyone else. The idea is that you shall not feel stigmatized because you cannot work. So people in general pay their taxes without complaining.

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