Do you think there should be local bans on pit bulls?

Where I live it’s illegal to have a pit bull or any pit bull mix. The government will confiscate and kill your dog if it’s found to be one that was not registered before 1989. It’s caused a lot of debate. Do you think it’s fair?

Answer #1

I am getting really annoyed with these dumb small minded people talking bad about pitbull terriers. I have owned a red devil pitbull for 14 years and I also have two of her puppies from birth. Firstly, there is no such thing as a mechanism which enables them to lock their jaw it is a myth. Next thing is they are the same as humans. If you breed ANY ANIMAL or human to be violent, then they will indeed be violent. My dogs have grown up with love and affection and their only goal is to look after my children and please me at every opportunity. Naturally these dogs wil excell at any task given to them which unfortunately includes fighting. The dogs that attack humans you can guarantee have been either bred for fighting or have been ill treated. The police are quick to ban pitbulls but why not man dobermanns who have a history of more murders than pits? Any why have they not done post mortems on pits? This would prove they are born with perfectly normal brains and do not have some fantasy cells which would make them any more tempremental than any other dog. Also I would like to make a comment on the recent death of a young girl in England. HER UNCLE WAS INVOLVED IN DOG FIGHTING!!! He was purposely breeding dogs and keeping dogs for dog fighting!!! So how do you think those dogs were kept? I will tell you, he was probably kept in a dark cupboard most of the day and tossed raw meat. Beated with metal rods at every opportunity, sliced with a knife to get him used to pain tied to a treatmill for hours on end and beaten if he tried to sit, trained with a sleeve that fits on a persons arm and told to totally tear it apart or get beaten, starved for days to encourage anger, tell me, how would you react to humans if you had an opportunity to be around a weak one for a second if you were treated this way? WAKE UP PEOPLE and do some research!!! Oh and just for the record, my neighbours son would be dead today if it were not for my dog who jumped in the sea to drag him out, its funny when I wrote to the papers about it they didnt want to know. The police need to take some responsibility and instead of destroying loving pets, go after the breeders that breed for fighting dogs, go after the organisers of dog fights and go after the owners that abuse their animals. But no its far easier for you to say its due to the animals nature huh!! And for the record you can see by my picture, my dog is well raised and would prefer to sunbathe than rip anyone apart!!

Answer #2

Pit bulls have earned their reputation. They are dangerous. They are vicious. They are this way by nature. You have to train it out of them. Is that possible? Yes, but not by the average pet owner. I think you should have to be licensed to own that type of animal. At least that way local communities could know that pit bull owners have been trained themselves to handle that type of animal. If they don’t have the license then the animal should be removed.

Answer #3

This is CRAZY… there should NOT be restrictions or bans on ANY specific BREED of dog… PEOPLE are the problem NOT the dogs. GET IT RIGHT… Investigate PEOPLE that have the “bad dogs” they are the one TRAINING the dogs to be “bad”. The dogs are NOT born that way… there is no gene that makes them bad or aggressive. It is all PEOPLE doing this… Ban the people, put them in jail.

Punish the DEED, NOT the breed!!!

Answer #4

it isnt right that all pitbulls should be banned, I think that the owners of the pitbulls that are trained to fight should be banned from having them! any dog can turn vicious when trained to be! rottys and dobermans have gotten bad names just like the pits, I have a pit cross staffy can you imagine what damage she could do if she was trained to fight, but she is as daft as anything, shes more likely to lick you to death.. and stephennicolaou are you sick or something? its the sick people like you that have had these dogs made illegal! also what gives us humans the right to kill a breed off because of what SOME of them do? and it isnt even there fault!

Answer #5

i 5think it is unfair that the dog can ot be free to do what it likes. i dont agree with the law but i have to say have you ever watched a dog fite it it is great and it is so thriling and adventurous.

Answer #6

I don’t like the idea of restricting any breed…and I most certainly don’t like the Gestapo tactics of confiscating dogs on a door to door basis (this happened in Denver, Co)…I’m a dog LOVER, but that’s not my total motivation for thinking this is outragious legislation…

25 years ago, people would have laughed out loud if it was suggested that the government would even take an interest in what breed of dog was owned by individual people…If banning one breed gets by people…then what’s to say that they won’t decide to “ban” by size??? No dogs over 30 lbs…Or a even a little further down the road…”girl children”…laugh now…that’s what I’d have done 25 years ago…about dogs.

They make people take hunter safety classes, before you can handle a gun…wouldn’t the money it takes to legislate against one breed be better spent teaching people how to stay safe around dogs? Teaching people ABOUT dogs…too many Pits are owned by people who’s entire motivation for having them is to intimidate other people…and by the ignorant, who want a couch potato type dog, when in fact, they have a highly intelligent…HIGHLY active dog…who needs mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis to stay mentally stable.

This doesn’t even address the breeders of fighting dogs…or breeding the most aggressive to the most aggressive. In the near past, Pits were bred to be aggressive to dogs, but if they were aggressive towards people they were put down…and most certainly NEVER bred!! Pits weren’t meant to be “police dogs”…have you ever seen one in a police car? Law enforcement is forced to buy the best of the breeds they use…and a well bred Pit will never attack a human…

Pits have gotten a bad rap, and sometimes it seems, it’s the governments way of dirverting our attention from the fact that parts of society itself has gotten so rotten.

Those of you who think that there should be bans and restrictions, are the very ones who will give up all your rights…RIGHT DOWN TO WHICH DOG YOU OWN…in order to not have to be one tiny bit responsible for what you do, and who you do it to…Welcome to China…


Answer #7

i think it is good to have bans ne where unless it is out in the country but i think it is wrong and sick to kill them

Answer #8

No I dont think any breed should be banned. If so, all other breed should be treated the same. I think bad ownership is the reason why pit bull have such bad name. People should be more educated on these dogs and owners definetely should be screened before adopting a pit…I believe this will help out and possibly turn around the bad reputation that pit bulls face today in our society. The dog does not know any better, dog ownership has a lot to do with how a dog behaves. Pits are dog agressive but can be trained not to be, they are not human agressive, Infact a Pit Bull’s temperment according to statistics is better than the tame Golden Retriever.

Answer #9

pitbulls should not be banned and a lot of people blame the dogs I know pitbulls have attacked people but any dog could attack there have been spaniels ,collies ect that have attacked more time then a pitbull , the only reason why a pitbull gets a bad name is because of people , the same as staffordshire bull terrier I have 5 staffs and every one tells me there bad dogs there not.

Answer #10

from what i know, these dogs really arent too innocent. i mean, they have a hurt a lot of people. maybe they are not as likely to attack, but when they do, they do more than just a fews scratches, they severely injure people.

maybe the chow chows and akitas should be banned along with the pit bulls…

anyways, i agree with what pitaime said, about the fact that its not fair to give everyone the right to own one. the only way to deal with that (other than finding some bizarre way to… screen people?) is to completely ban them.

and, then again, you may be right. instead of banning the breed, some other course of action may be needed. maybe screening the owners,. or maybe just making sure that the dogs arent agressive. but this uses tax money, when most people would rather have their money put in other places.

Answer #11

Pitbulls are NOT docile unless trained for agression. They are AGGRESSIVE unless trained to obey! They were selectively bred to be good fighters, damn it, that’s what the breed was created for! In the hands of an idiot owner, this dog is a killing machine. Not everybody is suitable to own such a dog. It’s like a gun. Same goes for most large breeds created selectively for strength, bite power and aggression - dobermans, rottweilers, etc. If you don’t know how to handle, raise and train such a dog, it can even turn against YOU.

True, it’s unfair to ban the dog entirely, but it’s not fair to give everybody the right to own one either. In the end, I guess the former is the safer option.

Answer #12

perosnally i dont think its rite but then again i do because just a few weeks ago one of my friends got attacked by one when he was just walkin down the road and three in my neighborhood got loose one day and killed three dogs at one person’s house. the nieghbor risked her life for those dogs she got in the middle of it and she got two bites from them and had to go to the hospitial. the stupid dogs are back at their house. and if they get out again they could kill a child or something. thats not good. so its good and bad at the same time.

Answer #13

i doesnt seem fair that the breed is punished… but punishing the owners of the dogs isnt going to make much difference, as the dog will have already attacked a person, once the owner gets punished. it might scare them away from getting a pit bull, but it seems the best way is to just make them illegal.

plus, i dont understand why someone would want a dog like that, anyways?

Answer #14

I think that people who have pitbulls now should be able to keep them as long as they have a good record(obviously) and if their dog ends up biting someone without being provoked, they should be uthinized. No second chances to do MORE damage. And I think the breeding and sales of pitbulls after a given date should be Illegal. There for satisfying the owners who already have one, and those who dont want them around anymore. Its not like there arent a thousand+ other breeds Owners can choose from! Regardless if its the owners or the dog, attacks happen way too often and end in severe injuries and it needs to stop. Want to be cool? Adopt a mutt from the pound.. save its life.. THATS cool.. Not a muscular Muzzled Killer you walk with a log chain. I know not all are like that But I’ve seen it way too often. A LOG CHAIN! Not cool.

Answer #15

I think we should put to sleep dumb people,thats people who hurt animals and make them fight…

Answer #16


I think it’s awful. Punishing a breed when they should be punishing owners who fight their dogs is a stupid policy, IMHO.

Answer #17

that doesnt make any sense there should be restrictions on pit bulls not bans

Answer #18


This is exactly what I’m talking about:

“plus, I dont understand why someone would want a dog like that, anyways?”

A dog like WHAT? They are a sweet, docile dog unless trained to be aggressive. Statistically, Chow Chows and Akitas are more likely to attack than pit bulls, even with fight statistics.

This bias is exactly what’s hurting these innocent dogs.

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