Do you know why I love Ramen Noodles?

I love Ramen noodles because each person has a unique way of preparing them. What is your favorite flavor and how do you like to eat your Ramen Noodles? We like chicken. My son drains all the water, adds cheese, hot sauce and lemon pepper. First, I break the noodles just a bit, then I like a little bit of water and a slice of cheese. My husband crunches the entire package so his noodles are short then he leaves a good amount of water, adds hot sauce and cheese.The nastiest way I have seen yet is a friend of mine chopped onions, added BBQ sauce and mustard and gobbled it all up. She was pregnant at the time, but it was still gross.

Answer #1

I like beef ramen with soy sauce and vegatables, but I don’t drain the water I have it like a soup! :)

Answer #2

I like to break em up and eat them dry , or boil them with sliced hot dogs, draint the water and add a tsp of mayo and the sauce packed! Ramen Noodles ROCK!!!

Answer #3

lmao random ness but ya i love reman noodles one time i when to a shop that cooked them and sold them that way they add meat and all the good stuff to it.. i cant pick on favor.. i love them all.. matter of that thanks to you now i am about to go make me some thanks alot…

Answer #4

I like beef ramen, with chopped green onions.

Answer #5

Ramen noodles are really good when you have nothing else to eat. Believe me you’ll get tired of them if you eat them alot. My favorite flavored noodles would have to be Chili there really good.

Answer #6

I like the taste of ramen, its just whenever I eat it, I have to pee like, 11 times in 10 minutes lol!

Answer #7

I basically live on ramen. I like the shrimp ones and the Teriyaki ones best With lots of pepper,And i dont drain alot of the water form the pan.

Sometimes I throw in some of those bullion cube things for extra flavor.

Answer #8

I love ramen…it was there for me when I was poor and just starting out in the world on my own. and fifteen years later I still can’t give it up. I love to add sliced meats and vegetables to it. I now have a daughter and husband and they love it when I make up delicious ramen recipes, yummy :)

Answer #9

I like Chicken Ramen,

Drain most of the water, let sit until warm, add chicken packet and some pepper and salt and various other seasonings.

I love ramen - I pretty much live off of it. ;)

Answer #10

I love Ramen noodles! I’ve made up a way to prepare it… and it is loved by my friends and family. It takes10 minutes to prepare.

Take one TINY onion and ground it. DONT chop it… you dont want large onion bits. Add oil to a pan and fry them til they’re a medium brown color. Set it aside.

Get anotherpan and add 2 glasses of water. Take out the noodles and place them on it, and just let it broil but keep turning it with a spoon.

As most of the water starts to evaporate, add the onion+oil mix. Add extra oil if you want (seeing as how you will stir-fry it).

Add various spices for flavor.

Add soy sauce to it until the noodles become a brown color. When there is no water left, serve it as you would serve scrambled eggs.

OPTIONAL: I sometimes cut up small buts of lettuce, as big as a house key and toss them in with the oil. Or I would cut up one tiny hot pepper into thin rings and add them at the end after the soy sauce if Im looking for a hot and spicy flavor.

I’ve actually made this for my friends as a main dish one day (with other side dishes and a salad) and called it an “asian dinner”. They absolutely LOVED it. Im sure you and your family will too.

Answer #11

I do it normally.I take the chicken or beef Ramen Noodles pack and smash it with a coffee cup,and then poor it into the pot with hot water and then at the flavoring,then stir,wait,and eat.

GOOD TIP!: Eat your ramen noodles (beef) with mayonnaise and lemon, its good.

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