What do you think about microwave popcorn smell - love it or gag to it?

I wonder why some people absolutely love the smell of popcorn in the microwave and others, me included, actually can't be in the same building with it? When I worked in an office with about 80-100 people, there were about 7 of us who couldn't bear it, and everyone else loved it. To me it smells like rancid butter and makes me want to vomit. Even walking through the aisle at the grocery store where they're all sitting on shelves, uncooked, lol, is quite unpleasant.

And besides, what IS that smell?? Does anyone know what chemical it actually is?

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I can't stand the smell of microwave popcorn.

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I love the smell even though I hate eating popcorn.

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I go through phases. I make my popcorn in a kettle, and usually I love the smell of it. But it has a tendency to linger, so if I smell it for too long, I get sick of it. I also hate it when I accidentally add too much oil to my popcorn and it gets all gross,then I can't eat it for a month or so and the smell makes me sick.

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I love it! Mmm, popcorn.

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I love popcorn its amazing! i like both smelling and eating it!
I don't think there is any chemicals in popcorn which make it smell lovely oits probably just the butter.

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I like the smell of it at the movies more than at home. I guess it brings out memories. :)

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But real popcorn is so different, smells and tastes delicious. It's the stuff they use for the microwave that smells bad to me. I don't know if it;s the diacetyl that smells like that, or something else.

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Also seems fine at the movies - it's a nice smell. Not rancid like the microwave versions. Just trying to find out what the hell that smell is... if it's a type of cheap oil or something. I've noticed cheap restaurants like IHOP have started to fry their eggs in some weird-smelling rancid tasting oil as well, but no-one else in my family notices it.

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You use oil instead of butter? What type of oil?

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Love. Unless it's burnt.

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Ew! Maybe is the transfats. Or reused oil.

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I can't stand popcorn. Any popcorn. It hurts my nose & makes my tongue feel weird, probably alergic.

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yumm ^_^
i love the smell of popcorn!!!

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The only popcorn i like is caramel. The smell kinda reminds me of vomit :/

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I love the smell but we don't eat popcorn in my house.

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I hate it.

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Love it! :D

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