Disturbed band. do they worship satan.

I like this band a lot but Some of there music seems like devil music. DO they sing devil music???

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I am not sure but I cant get their songs out of my head

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People, please! Baldinwolf, on WHOSE authority do you SPEAK? (I'm making fun of you, yes). Your claims are as silly and extraordinary as the ones made by the religious people whom you impuned.

Metal is an outlet for rage. "Devil lyrics" are a marketing ploy that tap into that rage, to help sell records. It's that simple.

Why Do People Choose To Worship Satan?

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***Don't allow that terrible influence in your life !***

I could say the same about organised religion and blind faith...

What happens if you worship the devil?
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Rock, as a genre, is all about sex and defiance of authority. Good stuff!

Does Lil Wayne worship the Devil?

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that is a load of RUBBISH, at one point ELVIS was considered EVIL by the bible thumpers because he swiveled his hips in a provocative manner- what a load of garbage. the WORST INFLUENCE you could allow into your life would be the religious zealots that will try and convince you that everything from black cats to full moons are evil.

use your own mind and better judgement when it comes to such things- and listen to as much heavy metal and rock music as you can handle.

it IS a well documented FACT that the worshipping of SATAN was done initially by the disgruntled and bored followers of CHRIST, satan was not worshipped in any other religion. more christians and catholics have worshipped satan than any other group of people.

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The lyrics to their songs reveal a lot of spiritual truths. Their ideas come from a lot of spiritual sources but that doesn't make them demonic. In fact, the bible says the exact same thing as many of their songs. Disturbed just throws a lot of four letter words in their to possibly "infiltrate" the minds of people who are affraid of their own emotions...

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Agreed with above...

Most metal bands have some form of reference to Satan in it...
But that doesn't make it devil music...

My dad dragged me to a church one time, and I freaked the priest out cause he heard my music... called me a "devil child" for it... LOL I was listening to an indie band called "Isle Of Thieves"... It didn't even HAVE a reference to Satan in it HAH...

The only BAND I know that ACTUALLY worships Satan is "Iron Maiden". haha xD
***EDIT: they don't worship, they PRAISE... ((or so I heard))

Some people think "Ozzy", & "The Beatles" do... but I dunno about them... =S

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dude no!!! I love rock and heavy metal those bands do NOT worship satan! its just for there music :)

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...no...they don't...

Actually, I can't think of any mainstream musicians that do...

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The lead singer David Draiman is Jewish. All the other members haven't made their religious beliefs public. I am sure they don't worship the devil. They are just singing really amazing songs.

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Don't allow that terrible influence in your life !

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I dont think so. I htink they just like metal lmao. Loads of metal has refrences to satan in it...

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you sure as hell took the words out of my mouth.

but to the subject at hand.
I'm pretty sure Disturbed aint singing DEVIL MUSIC.
and their songs are NICEEE.

and also. You know how they have the Pentagram?
well. Isn't the Pentagram SUPPOSE to symbolise(spl) PERFECTION?
and the churchs just kinda... screwed with people and made it a Demon symbol.
when in reality. it wasnt.

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