What disadvantages do home schooled students have when compared to students in school?

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You don't get to talk to your friends

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You don't socialize as much.

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1. lack of social skills
2. dont have as many friends
3. dont seem to be as uptodate on things going on right around them
4. dont always get the life expiernces most kids get in highschool
5. seem to get depressed a little easier
there are alot of downsides to it but there are also up sides and ways to prevent these say joinen groups for church or volentering and such kids just really need the social part its very important for makeing it through life and helps build self astem i wouldent say home school or publice school are any better then the other it all depends on the child themselves although most do prefer public school

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friends deffinately, lack of social life... but if they still get out and visit its ok... but home school makes you SOOOOOPER smart

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u dont really know how to socialize then

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You don't have as much people to talk to so your social skills go away. Also it might get you a little sad to always be at home and not outhere, it's just this little world, when things are not going to be like that outhere.

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