What is the diffrence between a v6 v8, and how many are there?

Answer #1

I am sorry, I am a little confused. Are you talking about the juice v8 or the difference between v6 and v8 engines? You were not very detailed.

Answer #2

Oh lol. the engines

Answer #3

oh lol. the engines.

Answer #4

A V6 has 6 pistons and a V8 has 8 pistons.

Answer #5

a v8 would be a 8 cylinder engine and teh v is the shape and a v6 would just have 6.

but im unsure how many different types there are..

ive seen a v4, v6, v8, v10 and a v12 but thats it.

dont quote me as im not 100% sure.. i just know how to fix my own car.

Answer #6

A V8 has more horsepower,better acceleration,bigger suspension and a stronger breaking system. This means that the V8 engine can haul heavier and do better with smaller or larger loads uphill. The cost of repairing a V8 engine costs more and it also uses more fuel consumption than the V6.

Answer #7

I have never seen a v4 I have seen flat 4 and inline 4.

Answer #8

By V4 you mean 4 cylinders?

Answer #9

No just cause you have 8 cylinders does not mean it is fast or can pull more, there are 6 and even 4 cylinders that make more torque and horsepower, this is all to do with the stroke and bore.

Answer #10

Yes, that would be if you customized the car.

Answer #11

no V in the cylinder configuration, if you are talking about cylinders there are also 1, 2 , and 3 cylinder engines made.

Answer #12

No, you need to go look this up, then come back, and engines are in more things than just cars. You have caterpillar 6 cylinders making 1000 of foot pounds of torque.

Answer #13

I was talking about cars here. I know that there are engines in other machinery. I’m pretty sure I’m right. And i was talking about the Acceleration not the speed (fast)

Answer #14

Thats cool, but that was not the question, and by the way I have a car with a factory 4 banger that flys, and from the factory will 0 to 60 in 5 seconds. When you are looking at performance, back in my day there was no replacement for displacement, but now with the evolution of the engine, and now cars with electric motors, the weight of the v8 can be seen as a large disadvantage, When I was younger me and my dad raced a 500 cubic inch dodge charger, but now there are rice burners around the world blowing that car out of the water.

Answer #15

Yeah, thats nice for you to have a car like that. It’s just that I’m 15 and everything I know I’ve read. Just trying to help out, You’re like what 30? You’re 18 years older than me give me a break ….

Answer #16

as i said.. i dont know much about cars. just know how to fix my own

Answer #17

A v6 has 6 clienders and 6 pistons. A v8 has 8cilenders and 8 piotons.

Answer #18

V6 has six cylinders in the shape of a V and a V8 has eight cylinders in the shape of a V. I Have seen: V6. V8, V10, V12 and a W12.

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