Why are there so many negligent drivers?

I just got home from the ER, my friends feet got run over by a lady who wasn’t watching where she was going. My friend is fine no broken bones but still I don;t understand how some of these people get their license.

Answer #1

Many do not realize the dangers of the road. Many, especially teens, feel they are invincible. Oftentimes, they will do something dangerous once, get luck and make it safe home and then feel that they will be that lucky again.

Answer #2

Because people sometimes don’t think or care about consequences.

They are too caught up in having fun driving under the influence, texting, talking on the phone, jammin’ to their music, etc… to even think or care about consequences.

Answer #3

It seems to me that most drivers drive as if they own the road, and there is nobody else upon that road. As an example, when I drive down the street I pass a small connecting road. At the end of this road there is some lines pained upon the road–GIVE WAY. If I happen to reach that road just as someone is coming out of it, they just will not stop. I have to slow down, slam my foot upon the brake, and sound the horn. This happens almost every day. Drivers, these days, just do not care any more.

Answer #4

my farther told me that “everyone outside of your car is a bad driver” and it took less than 1 hour of learning on the road for people to make mistakes right in front of my eyes. unfortunantly a lot of people just dont care, they now the consequences, they just dont care about them or about anyone else. thats why they speed, text, do other stupid things when driving like cut in and fail to use their indicators. many drivers fail to do the simplest of things that can cause the worst of accidents. its just unfortuante that so many people do it, there are though some good drivers out there, but when youdo start driving or get in your car, you need to be aware that everyone (even yourself) can make a mistake, wether it be on purpose or not, and you always need to be on your guard

Answer #5

by the way ive been driving for about a year now, and every single time i do drive (though ive made the occasional mistake as well)SO many people have made them in front of me, even crazy things like one lady who decided to be on the phone and drive in the stopping lane, then come back on the road with no indicators for abuot 4 times…this was on a freeway. its just sad

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