HOw would you decorate your room if you could do anyting you wanted?

Answer #1

Hmm.. I would paint my room neon green with purple circles (like polka dots) and have posters everywhere!

Answer #2

I would paint my walls red. Instead of a bed, I’ll get a small red on white futon and paint my door glossy red with white doorknobs. :)

For a desk, I’d get a wide desk with red garnet all over with glossy white table legs. My computer would be a white monitor with a red stripe going down the sides, with a small glossy red case for parts.

I would have the carpet removed and replaced with red garnet tiles. :D I’ll have large rectangles carved into the walls so I could put a red lamp with a bright white bulb in it and some other pictures.

My room will be so glossy, you’d have to wear gloves to touch everything! :O

Answer #3

My boyfriend got to move into the house i’ve lived in for awhile, my bedroom is NEON PINK with a neon purple door with quarter green carpet quarter white carpet and about half orange carpeting, I have a red chair in the corner with a blue and red foot rest, I have bright pink lepord bedding and about 5 large mirrors in the room. Haha my boyfriend actually loves it :) We have a huge tv mounted on the wall as well.

Answer #4

Oh yeah also have 9 posters on my walls haha, theres A LOT to it, but it really is exactly how i want my room :D

Answer #5

WOW! :O I wish I could decorate my room! :( Your room sounds like those in the movies. :) I bet everyone who comes in your room is like “O.O….Children’s Heaven?” “No…MY room! :D”

Answer #6

everyone that comes in is like HOLY CRAP HIPPIE HAVEN! I also have 10 lava lamps haha

Answer #7

Damn, girl! :O I wanna trade rooms. Mine’s plain white, plain desk, plain bed. :(

Answer #8

Wow, I wish I could do that with my room! My parents yelled at me when I put up a poster on my boring white eggshell walls.

Answer #9

i want my room painted black, gray, and white. I’d put glass-framed posters of my favorite artists on the walls. there are separate cabinets for bags and shoes. I’ve always wanted a jukebox and a gramophone so i’d put them there :D

Answer #10

Haha, my parents would kill me if I decorated my room. I still want to though because it’d be fun leaving my room for the military. Instead I think I’ll be leaving a white room to go sleep in another white room. Only difference is the new one is filled with 40 boys. xP

Answer #11

i would make my room oriental themed and get an oriental bed with oriental pictures

Answer #12

Get my room painted with the XR logo on one side fading into the SlipKnot logo on the other, and some random shaped furniture for my at times randomness. I could be the King of Randomness :D

Answer #13

If I could decorate my room anyway that I wanted, I would…Paint the walls black. Then with different color neon and glow in the dark paint, make words and designs on the walls. I would line the top of the walls with black lights, and put a couple of strobe lights in the corners. The main colors would be black, purple, neon green, hot pink, and neon blue. I would have fuzzy lamps, fuzzy rugs, fuzzy clocks, fuzzy phone, fuzzy pillows. I would have as many colorful, odd objects in there as I could find. Cool things like a candy dispenser, soda dispenser, mini fridge, microwave, big screen TV. It would be just a crazy, fun, colorful room. :)

Answer #14

I would paint each wall a different colour… like really bright colours. Or if you want one solid colour i would pick a bright yellow colour that would open up the room every time the sun came in

Answer #15

If I could do anything, my room would look like a king’s chamber in a castle with stone walls (maybe paint stones on the wall and spray it with that paint that looks like rock), tapestries, armour on an armour stand in the corner, weapons on a weapons rack, fur rugs on the floor etc.

Answer #16

Well hopefully the fur wont be real. i saw that video in the kardashians with the “id rather go nude than wear fur”… i could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that… :’(

Answer #17

if i had a room in a house instead of an appartment id havta look for one color that i can wake up to and smile for as it still maintains the illusion that my room is bigger than it is. :) I’ve been watching too much of that hgtv. with the houses and the wall colors… now i have a question :/

Answer #18

I’d have my wall a light blue and just throw out everything that I didn’t need. I’d keep it simple, a desk, laptop, bed, bookshelf.That’s all I really need.

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