What can I do to decorate my kids room?

My three kids share a room for now since they are young. I want to paint it and decorate it but its hard since its two boys and one girl. My boys like sonic and mario and my daughter likes princess/tinkerbell. I thought about having one side girly and one side boyish. The problem is I don’t want it to clash.

Answer #1

Nooo. I have an idea :D How about make it bubbles? Like paint the room lime green(tinkerbell) & have the circles blue for Sonic :D Make some big & some small, ill attach a picture of what im talking about :)

Answer #2

You could paint one wall with that blackboard paint so that they can draw on their wall whatever they like (sonic, mario and princesses!) Or.. You could theme the room in a mario theme and have mario and princess peach! As an alternative you could decorate walls with posters of animals- things like tigers, lions and horses are great as both girls and boys like them, they are sort of gender neutral. Just go for a colour theme, like a light blue or green that would be good for the boys or the girl. Also, like the blackboard paint, you could cover a wall with a whiteboard like in Cassie’s tip: http://www.funadvice.com/tip/turn_bare_wall_whiteboard

They’ll love that.

Answer #3

make a feature wall with images of all the things they like and just paint the rest painted that goes with the feature wall but a colour that is for boys and girls :D

Answer #4

Maybe you can paint the walls a pale green, and have all the different characters (Mario, Sonic, and a Princess) Playing, dancing, running around together on the walls. :)

Answer #5

Ask Them If They Could Have A Dream Room What Would It Be? Then Try And Base How You Design There Room On There Imagination. :)

Answer #6

She’s having a baby and wants to decorate her room. A newborn isnt going to give ideas on room decorations for their nursery.

Answer #7

:O! I thought this was a different post by a different person. I apologise, that’s actually a genius idea. I’m obviously a jackass.

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