How unfit must a mother be to lose sole custody of her child?

How unfit must an unmarried mother be to lose sole custody of her child?

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COOL, tHANX..Im feeling much more confident. He puts doubt in my mind, but I know he is only being spiteful. I have never done anything to endanger my baby girl in any way. But I have acted irrationally at times but she has never been with me. I will not let my daughter see my cry nor see me angry ever! When she is with me I am as a happy as a pea no matter what the circumstances, because thats how she makes me feel. I have a good job and a beautiful house where the nanny knows safetyness and hygiene comes first. I believe I am a good mother but he sometimes makes me so angry I become a monster with him. I often feel so violated and hAve found that I apologise for all hes mistakes. He is fighting for custody on terms that that my behaviour is not appropriate infront of children, but I've only retaliated with him especially when he is abusive. I know that deep in my heart I am doing the best a mother can, and I also believe that as much as he fools me into guiltyness, the law is the law and you cant fool them. :)

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Haha...I laugh because he should not have an ounce of any chances to get anything beyond visitations.

Some advice - keep a journal of what he says/does, any drugs, porn, verbal or physical abuse to you or your daughter keep records of. Those right there will win you soul custody with supervised visits for him.

I get so angry when I hear about men who only know how to whip it out and cant deal with the consequences.

My ex wanted me to abort our son many years ago and when I chose to give birth he was so angry. Then two years later took me for full physical custody. HA! He got visits being supervised for the first year. Now, he sees him more often and has since grown up.

Usually, judges favor the moms. I think your chances are extremely high in your favor. Some things the states look for is food in the fridge, pictures of your daughter around your place, and how clean things are. If you are not doing drugs and or going out drinking and putting her in danger then you have very good odds that he will NOT get her.

Good luck and let us know how you make out.

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Okay, right let me explain. I am a single mom who has raised my baby all on my own. I have a stable job and a stable home. My daughter is extremely happy and she is allready walking at the age of 8 months. I fulfill her in everything that I do. Her dad and I have had a very rocky relationship. He has paid not a cent of maintenance since the day she was born. He comes in and out of my life and has been abusive. I have only allowed supervised visits as I dont trust him. Everytime he visits her he tries to get back together with me.When we fight we argue and I say things and do silly things out of anger. He has been provoking me with another girl whom he carries on going back to. I have now seen how he has been playing me up and decided that enough is enough and have cut him out of our lives. He has now turned around saying that he is challenging for custody. Does this man have any leg to stand on?

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You would have to be endangering the health and/or welfare of the child in order to be declared an unfit mother.

If he hasn't been helping support the child during the past several months, it isn't too likely that he could win a custody battle.

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the mother would have to be negligent or abusive. even then, the state will usually give her a few chances, demanding parenting classes, etc. it would be extremely traumatic for a kid to be taken from his mother, so I would think the line in the sand is if the abuse is more traumatic than the separation.

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I don't think there is one answer for that. If she is unfit, she's unfit, period. But I don't think a mother should ever lose her kids. She should just get help for whatever problems she is having (even financial problems). I should know. My husband took my kids from me and threatened to kill me if I tried to get them back. My only problem was that I didn't make enough money to rent a place to live, pay for childcare and take care of my kids. I finally got them back when each of them were old enough to leave on their own.

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if you cannot provide their needs:food clothes school a roof over their head...

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just let him know the judge is going to laugh at this sleazy attempt at emotional blackmail. consider him legless.

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It doesnt sound like it. You sound like an outstanding mother, theres no way he will get your daughter!

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