cross country :) :)

I really need help improving my running- I can run faster but I cant run distance when I do that.

like whenever I run I get really distracted and I want to keep going but I stop. I also run wayyy better onn tredmill and not outside.

does anyone know how to improve your outdoors running?

please help me please very soon. :) thank you. :)

Answer #1

BSN N.O XPLODE go get a sample from GNC but make sure you bring an adult you need to be over 18 to buy it

that will give you extreme focus and WAY more endurance, it might even make you run faster

-Training Energy, Motivation and Intensity -Mental Alertness and Focus -Muscle Fullness, Vascularity and Pumps -Strength, Power, and Endurance -Resistance to Muscular Fatigue -Blood Flow and Delivery of Oxygen and Nutrients to Muscle Tissue -Healthy Nitric Oxide (N.O.) Levels -Muscle Carnosine Content -Hydrogen Ion (H+) Buffering -Anaerobic Working Capacity of Muscle Tissue -Creatine Absorption, Transport and Bioavailability

Answer #2

You will find when you start off running you will most likely dive straight into it, giving your body less of a time to adjust and less time to get oxygen to where it is needed. Start off runing about 70% of the speed you usually run, then after 10 minutes bring it up to your full long distance runnin speed, keep your ipod in and focus, look at the ground if you have to look at the steps your taking then when you look up you will have covered more ground then you would’ve thought you had. It takes about 2 mile for your body to adjust the breathing then you can pretty much run for as long as you want, you will feel tired but not exhausted on the chest so pick a suitable distance to run without pushing your body to the point where your going to be picking up injuries like thigh strains etc lol but anyways good luck with it all any problems just message me because I do a lot of short distance/long distance running so al help where I can :)

Answer #3

its alll about your breathing, if you can get your breathing right you can run for hours, I had 2 learn, it was hard but now im really fit.!! try inhaling in your mouth exhaling through your nose. keep your strides in a constant pattern when you run and sing (in your head obviously) it keeps away distractions. :D

good luck. ;)

Answer #4

just pace yourself try running somewhere you realy like and where theres no distractions try running early in the morning

Answer #5

try bringing an ipod it will keep away distractions

Answer #6

I dooo :(

Answer #7

ahhm go for runs and get fitter then start speeding up your pace!! :] dont do heaps all at once tho hehe

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