How would you critique this poem?

I’m not perfect. Nobody is. But there are so many people With bodies And faces Lives I wish I had I’m not perfect My hair is frizzy My eyes are droopy My nails are short, and torn From my crooked teeth Hair grows on my toes And my knees are knobby, and stick out I weigh a lot more Than my some of my friends And the girls I see at school My stomach sticks out And my thighs jiggle I have acne on my face And indents around my hips Where I forced my body To fit in clothes I want to fit I’m not perfect My hand writing is scratchy And my shoes are dirty I talk too much I laugh too loud I complain About how I’m not perfect My voice isn’t pretty When I sing pretty songs And when I write something It’s never good Enough I’m not perfect I cry too much When I think too much About people and things That left me Because I wasn’t perfect So now all I do Is cry by myself In my own Imperfect world

Answer #1

chick do you need a hug?

Answer #2

I see a lack of positivity, and i always say individuality matters so youre different big deal? You need to read every line and find the positive half in it

Answer #3

okay its not a poem about me or that i even wrote it is a poem that a friend wrote about herself and it just sounds like she is complaining

Answer #4

nope im happy and i love all my flaws. my friend wrote this poem and i want to critique it for her but i will end up saying stop complaining so id like more…. constructive advice.

Answer #5

well you should consider that not everyone finds individuality to be a positive characteristic. It’s proven to be a strong characteristic yes but whether it be positive or not depends on the person them self. If clearly positivity represents individuality in your mind and being so shouldn’t you see the individuality in the poem being that you claim to see a positive side for your self throughout the last few lines?

Answer #6

There is no positive anything at all. It’s a depressing poem. There is no self confidence or anything. If this is your poem, look on the positive side. It looks like you’re blinded by the term “perfect”, blonde hair, value eyes, million dollar smile, etc to realize that you are your own person. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. If I felt “ugly” and read this poem, I’d loose all hope of being confident. Instead something about how “I’m not pretty but I stand out” and something more positive is more beneficial to anyone who feels like the way you describe in the poem.

Answer #7

opps my bad and i agree sometimes it seems like a person is umm how do i say this desperately seeking attention thru various methods and this would be one of those, she’ll get over it

Answer #8

@craziekc i know exactly what im thinking and i think i can interpret it myself all im saying is so shes different big deal, she should step back and try to see the glass half full

Answer #9

okidoki. Well no man or woman is without mistake, no one is perfect. That is why there are no such thing as angels walking about. She wants to fit in but she describes all of these flaws, she says she cant because she’s not perfect; but nobody truly is perfect. Just like the rest of us she’s no angel herself. Her different flaws make up her person in general which is what one would be thankful for, had they been static then there would be no different personality. The idea of not fitting in because of imperfection isn’t the best one to use if you ask me personally. Nobody is perfect, so therefore she fits in…

Answer #10

i understand what you’re saying. I simply thought that your comment was personally directed to me. Haha

Alert did say “Keshaxoxo94 replied to your comment on __“ lol

Answer #11

ohhhhhhhhh well its cool then lol its like when someone is “following” me. Stalker alert?

Answer #12

Its okay, if your friend wants to write an emo poem, it would be better if she/he wrote more original lines. The line ‘And indents around my hips Where I forced my body To fit in clothes I want to fit’ was a good line. But the rest have been said before a thousand times. Tell her/him to think up some more original lines. ‘My voice isn’t pretty When I sing pretty songs’ was a good line too. But the ones about weight, crying, and not being perfect are so overused that they don’t have much effect on the audience.

Answer #13

alright thank you ill be sure to tell her that

Answer #14

I like it, it’s being honest. :)

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