How do I get my credit back in order?

How do I set my credit back in order

Answer #1

“The Richest Man in Babylon” “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert Kyosaki “Cashflow Quadrant” Robert Kyosake “Think and Grow Rich” Napolean Hill “Money & Manifesting” Abraham - Hicks “The Secret”

I started with an envelope for every bill I had. Figured out what and how much I got paid. Figured out how much each envelope needed, to have the total amount , by the time the bill was due. As money came in, I paid the envelopes(at first I did not have enough for all the bills, so I started the habit by even just adding a $1in the last on the list priority. It’s like a puzzle that comes together with playing it right and time.) So when bill time came, the money was there. Don’t charge ‘anything’ you don’t have an envelope with money already in it. Get a credit card and pay everything off, 5 or more days before its due. Wells Fargo offers a ‘second chance’ account with restrictions that are lifted as time goes by. The above is probably a very good start to your prosperity. Here are 10 steps to your goal. ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS Ten Top Time Tips Guest Author - Katie Byrd

Have A Clear Vision With Specific Goals. If you can pin down what you want to go for, create your own virtual reality of the completed goal and enjoy spending time in this fantasy world on a regular basis, then the majority of your work is complete. It’s practically a done deal.

Choose What’s Most Important To You. You can want a lot of things, but to achieve major accomplishments you will have to focus on what’s most important to you. Stop mentally churning all of the pros and cons and make a choice. Then you can focus and channel all of your valuable energy into achieving the results.

Organize Your Time And Your Plan. Make lists of what you want, set priorities and schedule your time. All three steps are necessary. Organize your work area and your systems. If you get good at time management, prioritizing and staying focused, the journey to the goal can be fun and exciting.

Know Your M.O. And Manage Yourself. Each of us has a different mode of operating. This is about your life and your projects. Therefore, you are the boss. Find out what inspires you and what suppresses you. Manage yourself accordingly. If you’re a good, insightful, effective boss, you will also be a happy productive worker and you’ll produce extraordinary results.

Temper Timelines And Focus Your Action. Having a “deadline” may motivate you or it may make you feel like death warmed over. Your purpose is to keep yourself in effective action as much as possible. Do whatever works for you. Magnificent results can be achieved without time pressure. But, if you personally need timelines, then set them for yourself.

Communicate Clearly And Directly. No matter what you choose to accomplish, it will take good, clear communication to achieve the results. Often writing it out on paper first can help you get clear. Describe the problem, list the points you want to make and specify what you want to happen. This will help motivate you to move forward and communicate.

Learn To Say “NO” And Delegate. To accomplish big things, you have to take charge of your own life and get help from others. Once you’re clear about your own goals it’s easier to say “no” to anything that doesn’t fit. It also becomes easier to see all of the things that you’re doing that someone else could do just as easily. Delegating those tasks allows you the time to achieve your goals.

Establish Good Healthy Habits. All of the things mentioned so far are positive habits. When something becomes a habit, you don’t even have to think about it any more – you just do it automatically. Taking care of your health is a habit that should come first, because if you don’t have that, nothing else matters. Gradually replace any old bad habits with new good habits.

Be Consistently Patient And Persistent. Patience is important to your well being and persistence is necessary for your success. The one quality all successful people have in common is persistence, but it also takes patience to keep on keeping on. Maintaining a balance between the two is an art. Practice makes perfect.

Keep The Journey Fun And Satisfying. Accomplishing goals is best played as a game. Just playing the game can breathe new life into you. Play 100% full out, but always remember, the trick to winning is to realize that you’ve already won (just because you’re playing the game). Keep the joy in the journey and have fun all along the way – don’t wait for your prize at the end of the road!

People that think, talk and act prosperous, have it. :-)

Answer #2

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