How to get $2500 fast when i have bad credit?

I have really bad credit 462 is my score. I have a personal emergency (death in the family) and I need a loan fast like by this weekend. Its only $2500.00 but I need it fast. I am able to pay back @ $300.00 a month.
Does any one know of any lending company that will lend me the money with no collateral down?

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You'd have to check with a bad credit lender...otherwise, see if a friend or family member can help you out.

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Try asking family or a bad credit lender.
There are some people who are willing to work with you aslong as you keep your word & pay it off on time.

Need $2500 fast and I have bad credit

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A good starting point is to get a secured credit card and a few months late move on to a regular credit card. this way you will GREAT improve the look of your credit report before your actual Regular credit card application.

More tips for options on getting credit cards for those of us with bad credit reports, i found on:

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