Questions about dishwashers

hey am shruti and am in my final year of grad school… I have a project coming up about consumer behaviour so I just wanted max people to ans this so that I can get a good overview bout this subject

who do you think uses dishwashers??? why do you use a dishwasher??? how much does an avg dishwasher cost??? if one cant afford a dishwasher can we get on a loan basis…

I noe these questions may seem a lil stupid but am doing this for my project so I would be really greatfull if you answered :)

also I live in india.. dishwashers here are not a common thing… usually utensils are washed by hand or by the maid in most houses… hence d loan question…

hope you get your co coperations

thank u :) shruti

Answer #1

My dishwasher is the most important part of my kitchen. It saves me so much time and its responsible for at least 90% of keeping a kitchen tidy. The dirty dishes go inside the dishwasher immediately, so there are no dishes all over the house and the counter tops, and then when it’s full I switch it on. The dishes are much cleaner, too, than if they had been handwashed, and its also more hygenic than drying them with a cloth.

I’ve seen them on sale for $200, and as colethky says, probably the average price is $300. Some stores offer credit so you don’t pay for a whole year.

Answer #2
  1. Dishwasher are common in a restaurant, I think. to ease the problem of dish washing.

  2. Simply to clean plates and utensils, joke…lol… dishwasher made easy to clean the plates, glass, utensils, etc.

sorry…I have to go.

Answer #3
  1. I have a dishwasher and so do most people that I know (in Pennsylvania, U.S.). But they’re common all over the U.S.

  2. I use a dishwasher because then I don’t have to wash dishes (it makes things easier with 3 small children).

  3. The average dishwasher costs around $300.00 depending on where you live.

  4. I don’t know if you can get a dishwasher on loan, in the U.S. you can’t but you could always use a credit card to pay for it.

Good luck with your project

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